Hanky Panky Review by Joan Romick

In this 1 & ½ day workshop, Nancy provided us with a number of techniques and engaging ideas for how to use silk hankies to create a scarf.


Friday night, complete with witch’s hat, champagne punch and treats (that we didn’t even have to trick for!), Nancy showed us several different shapes to make from silk hankies:  squares, oblongs, spirals, doughnuts and stripes, as well as several examples of the effects from her own work.  Then we learned how to wet the hankies after you’d formed them, how to sandwich them with wool and then apply the silk georgette.  The rest of the evening we spent deciding what shapes we wanted to use, preparing the hankies, laying out our design, drinking punch and gobbling chocolate.


Because we’d set up the night before, all of us got started straight away on Saturday morning.  Throughout the day, Nancy demonstrated proper rolling and fulling steps to achieve the best results for getting the silk hankies to adhere to the fabric and be properly, fully felted.  We stopped to sing an enthusiastic Happy Birthday to Nancy, with a delicious cake provided by Lindy Frayne.


Throughout the day, Nancy circled the tables, giving advice and contributing reassurance.  It was fascinating to see so many different designs from a few different techniques.  The last technique Nancy demonstrated was how to use a narrow piece of silk as a ‘thread’ to hem the rough edges of your scarf.  At the end of the day, whether we finished or not, we all learned what an inspiring variety of effects those little flat squares of silk can create.  Thank you, Nancy!Andrea Andreas AntBoyd HalloweenNancy IMG_0139 IMG_0149 IMG_0167 IMG_0168 IMG_0176 IMG_0183 IMG_0195 Jo Pringle JulietHargreaves JulietHargreaves2 JulietHargreaves3 JulietHargreavesNancy Katalin Katalins KatalinVianne LenoreFairfield MarieJacquier NancyEdgeBinding NancyJoanRomick Nancys NatashaChvalova SueDonovan SueHarrington Viannes

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  1. It was A very inspirational workshop, happy to hear that I wasn’t the only one who was exhausted Saterday night ! 🙂

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