Gossamer Felt Workshop Review by Gudren

Vicki, the tutor presented the cobweb felting in a beautiful manner.   Some people had come from the country far and wide to attend – from inland Wheatbelt and as far South as Albany.

Vicki presented lots of samples of her work and different types of cobweb work were shown in varying thicknesses.  Some were whisper thin and quite lacy and could be worn as is,  or they could be used as a pre-felt, placed onto wool that had been laid out to form the lacy design on top of a layer of felt.

There was finely laid lacy felt with embellishments of tussah silk, hankies or fine wool yarn.  In another example, wool was laid more thickly and with deliberate holes which was effective for a different look.

Vicki was a great teacher and provided super support to each and every person.  Her good demonstration of the process meant that all could apply these new techniques to make their own unique piece using colour, different thicknesses and a variety of embellishments like locks, tussah silk or fine wool for effect.

We were all hugely delighted with our finished piece. The day was a big success and a lot of fun. Thank you Vicki.

Alison Marie and Vicki Marie's scarf

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