November Toss n Tell by Chris Gray

Last TnT for the year….what a great year it has been, with the effort of devoted Committee members and dedicated club members making Feltwest the club that it is….

At this last TnT New and Regular members were busy making new creative pieces, while others wire busy chatting, catching up and helping with the setting up for our Xmas party.

XmasLunch1.4963 VirginiaCampbell.Wrap.5124 Vianne.Hat2.5000 Vianne.Hat1.5002 It was so good to have once again the diverse culinary delights, everyone excelled in the preparation of Savory and Sweet treats, making it a very successful Xmas party.

TurninginFreoBazzarGoods.4939 SoosieJobson.Catcus.5043 PresiTable.4986

We started lunch at 1.00pm; we all enjoyed the sharing of this amazing feast. Being able to catch up again and chat gave a real buzz to the day.


After this lovely lunch, we were all delighted to exchange gifts, which each of us had brought in.

We were so eager to see what surprise was in the beautifully wrapped gifts that we had chosen.


SueEslick.Hat.4926  SharonWake.Vest.4934  SharonWake.FuzzyVest.4911  NewMember.NunoScarf.4902

Show and Tell was next on the agenda, most of us showing the work that they had accomplished with pride, while others talked about the gifts that they had chosen.

May I say there is some amazing talent among us.


JudithShaw.Purses.5071  Jeanette Humphries.Purses.4909 BethKlokeid.BeadMeditation1.5023 SharonWake.FuzzyVestDetail.4914 LouiseNidorf.BeadMeditation1.5019


Next we were addressed by Sue, the President, thanking everyone for attending this last meeting and providing the lovely lunch.

Sue also talked about the Subiaco Fair and the upcoming Felting Frenzy being held at the weekend, wishing everyone a good time.

Sue also reminded everyone of the Fremantle Art Centre Bazaar in December, which is always so successful.

JudithShaw. Scarf.5102 TeresaO'Malley.MoroccanPieRecipe.4993 MorocanPieRecipe2.4992 JulietHargreaves.HankyPankyScarf.5065

The meeting being held this Saturday 22nd Nov to plan the  workshops for the year ahead and to discuss the events taking place was mentioned and the members were asked if there was any idea they would like to have incorporated in next year’s workshops.


We ended this great day by wishing each other a Safe and Happy Holiday.


Until Next Year….Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

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