Beginners & Skill Extension Program

One of the key elements to promoting quality felting is the provision of quality workshops to impart skills and techniques. Whilst part of the felting journey is the discovery of your own individual style and look these foundation workshops will give participants the skills and importantly, the confidence to pursue their own path.

Our tutors are passionate about ensuring the highest quality in their own felt work and sharing their knowledge with other Feltwest members. They have has taught beginners and extension workshops through to advanced workshops in all manner of felting for many years. 

Beginners Workshops

These classes aim to teach the basics of the wet felting technique with merino wool, and how these can be adapted to make differing forms.

These classes aim to teach the basics of the wet felting technique with merino wool, and how these can be adapted to make differing forms.
At the conclusion of the workshop, the participants will:

  • Understand the qualities of ‘good felt’
  • Understand the difference between a pre-felt, and fully felted piece
  • Understand how and why wool felts, and factors affecting different shrinkage rates
  • Understand that wool from different  sheep breeds can be felted and  will produce felt of differing qualities
  • Be able to pull wool and lay out finely and evenly
  • Be able to wet felt a sample square using the rolling technique
  • Be able to full a felt sample by tossing, scrunching and hand rolling, and options of using different tools such as washing boards.

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Felting Skills Extension

These classes are designed for inexperienced felters, or anyone wanting to refresh their skills or learn a new felting technique.  They are ideal for people who have completed the Feltwest beginners workshop and are keen to learn more, or gain the skills and confidence required to undertake a more advanced felting workshop.

Extension classes are kept small to provide a lot of 1:1 support to participants in a relaxed and helpful environment.  The sessions will focus on creating one or more samples on a specific technique.

This year’s program

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