Report by Cynda Empsall


Peta Korb gave a Mini Demo on making Christmas decorations using wet and needle felting techniques in time for our fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis in November.

Peta demonstrated:

  • Wet Felting with Resist
    • Stocking
    • Baubles
  • Needle Felting
    • Snowman
    • Santa
    • Elves

Pointers from Peta

  • Turn mistakes into design changes!
  • The enzymes in saliva and milk will remove blood and red wine from fabric and wool.
  • Wet Felting
    • To make baubles, lay wool diagonally over resist. 
    • Once resist is removed, you can cut soft plastic into strips and stuff it into the form using a chop stick.
Laying wool for the stocking
  • Needle Felting
    • No need to force the needle, do it gently in all aspects and angles
    • Stab in and out on the same angle, gently.
    • With making balls, tie a knot with wool to give firm base.  Do several knots to bulk out and establish a firm base and larger size.
    • Use darning needle to remove wool that’s not in the right place
    • Blend colours, just like paint.
    • You can use scissors to cut wool and to cut prefelt into shape.
Making the Santa
Peta in action


Toss N Tell
  • Soosie greeted everyone and detailed upcoming events in particular her Art of Adornment workshop on 5 -6 October.
  • Martien spoke about her Expanding the Surface workshop on 2-3 November 2019.
  • Martien talked about the Royal Show, thanking members for their contributions to the FeltWEST stand in the Centenary Pavilion and explaining display opportunities and obligations.
  • Soosie discussed the website and suggested people send any interesting upcoming exhibitions or events to Cynda at or Liz at
  • Soosie made suggestions to members as to how they can assist at and after meetings – many hands make light work!
    • Taking notes at Toss N Tell
    • Sweeping up
    • Taking rubbish out
    • Dishes etc. 
  • Soosie mentioned the Christmas wind up would be at the November meeting.  No meeting in December!


  • Renita Mroz and Sue Espie showed vessels made at Pam Hovel’s Earthy Felted Vessels workshop.
  • Liz Odd mentioned the Mundaring Arts Centre (MAC) Exhibition encouraging members to attend
  • Katrina Virgona also recommended visiting the MAC exhibition. She showed seeds, pods she’d been making, and which are featured in the current edition of Felt magazine.
  • Jill Jodrell talked about the Kings Park crocheted floral arrangements at the botanical gardens.
Sue Espie

Workshop Review: THE ART OF ADORNMENT – Soosie Jobson

OCTOBER 2019 – Report by Renita Mroz + Sara Quail

Soosie’s Campfire Beanie

Soosie opened the workshop by talking about the importance of connecting with what we love and bringing this passion into our work.  She stressed that it is the stories behind our work that makes them truly resonate with us, transporting us in time and place and connecting us with others. 

Exploring the Campfire theme

Soosie brought along her award-winning Campfire Beanie and read the story that had inspired it to demonstrate this.  Participants had been invited to bring along something that they loved as a starting point for their work over the weekend.

During the first day of the workshop Soosie talked about exploring design themes then went on to demonstrate transfer printing, stenciling, direct painting onto felt and masking as well as the use of embossing powder.  Participants then had the opportunity to explore these techniques on felt samples, vessels and other finished items they’d brought along.

The second day of the workshop started with a bit of bling – applying foil to felt.  Soosie demonstrated ways to achieve a variety of stunning effects with foil sheets, from subtle to seriously shiny.  

During the day she covered more design theory including the magic of numbers. Using odd numbers, Fibonacci and fractals and how these also occur in nature. 

Another transfer technique with fabric crayons was explored creating more wonderful surface design options. 

Stitching and beading methods were covered in the afternoon with Soosie demonstrating 4 of her favoured stitches and a few beading basics.  Participants then spent a relaxing afternoon continuing to embellish their various felt pieces. 

Interspersed with all the various surface design techniques and theory, Soosie also shared tips on laying out, fulling and shrinkage. Participants finished this workshop armed with an arsenal of techniques and samples to give them embellishment ideas for a long time to come.  

Workshop Review: EARTHY FELTED VESSELS – Pam Hovel

SEPTEMBER 2019 – Report by Peta Korb

All of us with Pam and our Earthy Felted Vessels

August 30, 2019 saw the start of a three-day workshop with Pam Hovel who is an accomplished innovative textile artist living in rural Victoria. Her work is influenced by her surrounding as can be seen in her choice of wool, colours and methods in her Earthy Felted Vessels.

Over the three-day workshop participants were treated to the delights of felting with Pam, who gave clear instructions and offered continuous guidance throughout each day. Starting with the drafting of patterns for vessels, Pam also covered different layout techniques and a variety of surface design elements through to the finer points of finishing each piece.

Pam was a delightful tutor, generous in her time and teaching of her techniques ensuring everyone created several unique vessels they can be proud of, showcasing all the techniques learned over the three days.

The techniques and extra tips Pam gave throughout the three days were exactly what everyone wanted based on their comments:

  • Just what I needed to learn
  • The perfect workshop for me, I have wanted to know how to create precise vessels for a long time
  • These are the techniques I need to take my felt work further
Pam demonstrating
Jane’s scrunch vessel
Renita in action
Isobel’s vessel
Collected Earthy Works

Workshop Review: 50 SHADES OF GREY (FELT!) – Wendy Bailye

Report by Jean McKenzie

On Friday 2 August this year thirteen very enthusiastic FeltWEST members gathered at Craft House to learn from a very experienced tutor. 

Wendy has over 25 years’ experience as a felter and has been co-editor of “Felt” magazine.  She is currently co-ordinator of the Australasia region for the International Feltmakers’ Association and runs her own business – The Felt Studio, in Brisbane. 

Over the 3 days of the workshop, which Wendy described as an “experimental class” (and boy, was it!), everyone settled down and worked, worked, worked: cutting, slashing, embossing, using different fabrics, yarns, threads, trapping different objects under silk or muslin.  I am sure she showed at least 50 different ideas, particularly on embossing.  I think everyone managed 4 to 10 samples each. 

Wendy was well prepared with comprehensive notes for everyone and a table full of samples to inspire participants.  She also brought along finished scarves to illustrate many of the techniques covered by her at the workshop. 

Wendy’s extensive knowledge and experience showed through in her presentation.  She was generous with her time to all participants; answering all questions and stopping to help where required.  This was reflected in the feedback given by participants at the end of the workshop.  All feedback was positive, as can be seen from these few examples: 

  • This workshop will keep me experimenting for a long time.  So many ideas and options.  Fun to be able to share with many creative individuals. 
  • Your guidance and patience in the class is much appreciated.  I will go away with a wealth of information that will be used for years to come.  Thank you, Wendy. 
  • Finally, someone teaching Sampling – what a great way to extend your own creative direction. 
  • Great inspirational workshop.  Able to adapt techniques shown into felting work, told to try everything, there are endless possibilities; some challenges; and results positive and/or negative are always a learning opportunity. 
  • Brilliant workshop – start of a wild and wonderful journey of exploration. Sampling = learning2 

Thank you, Wendy, for an amazing and informative workshop. 

FeltWest will be demonstrating at the WA Craft Show 3,4,5th August 2018

Feltwest is excited to announce that we will be having a Guild stall at this year’s Craft Show. This will be a great opportunity to showcase our members’ work, demonstrate feltmaking and encourage new people to learn the craft, and perhaps, join us as a Feltwest member.

Please help us to make this event a success by submitting work for the display, and volunteering for the roster to staff the stall and demonstrate felt making.

We are looking for a range of quality felt items that show the scope and diversity of what we can achieve in our felt making. Items are for display only and not for sale. Please label all items with your name and contact number and bring them along to our meeting on 21st July. They will be returned at the August meeting, or beforehand by arrangement.

We will be asking for volunteers for the roster at the meeting this Saturday (16th June). Volunteers will get free entry to the Show (approx $15).

More information will be provided closer to the date.

The Feltwest members working group organising our participation at this event comprises Jill Jodrell and Jan Stroud.

Review of Leather workshop with Hammered Leatherworks

12 Feltwest members attended this workshop, where we got to use leather tools and materials that most felters were not familiar with.

The purpose of the workshop was to cut and attach leather fittings and hardware to make the piece of very strong felt into a useable bag. Participants were required to bring a piece of felt with them, suitable to be made into a messenger bag/backpack. This involved specialised tools, supplied by Bec, who taught the participants how to use them. Below is a summary of some of the tools and skills learned in the workshop.

A strap cutter was the first tool used. The width on this can be set to enable cutting of different width pieces as required. Alternatively, a rotary cutter can be used along a straight edge.

A quilting square is used to measure straight lines and angles.

A diamond pointed stitching chisel is used to make holes in the strap preparatory to stitching, as the leather is too thick to pierce while stitching.

Fittings (ie rivets, eyelets, buckles etc) provided were of solid brass.

Buckles require an inch length of strap to go through the buckle and allow for a bit of movement. The tongue on the buckle needs a slot to allow it to move and work effectively. A special ‘oblong’ punch is used to make the hole. If the strap for the buckle is to be adjustable, 10 holes would be good, approximately an inch apart, starting 2 inches from the end.


Saddle stitching is a very secure type of hand stitching that works well on leather. Waxed linen thread is the best choice, as it is waterproof, and won’t be eaten away by the tannins in the leather. Saddle stitch starts like running stitch, but when you reach the end of the stitching line, you work back the other way to fill in the blanks.

Bec is very competent with using tools and understanding how leather works. She is a clear communicator and a patient instructor, thankyou Bec for leading us through the use of unfamiliar tools and equipment to make a wonderful felt and leather bag. The workshop went overtime, and some of the bags are not yet completed. Feltwest has purchased a set of leather tools and the bags can be completed at a Feltwest Tuesday or Saturday meeting. 

Report from Woolarama

Feltwest participated the Wagin Woolarama this year for the first time in many years. Woolarama is one of the biggest agricultural shows in WA, attracting people from throughout the south west and Perth and took place over two days on 9th and 10th March.

Feltwest had a 3x3m display where we were able to:

  • Demonstrate feltmaking and carding
  • Display a broad range of felted items Sell member’s work

We also had felt clothing and accessories modelled on the catwalk.



It was surprising that there were no other wool craft displays at Woolarama, and Feltwest’s presence was warmly welcomed by the organisers and attendees.

What worked? – Thankyou to Kerry for the following comments:

 Demonstrations were fantastic

Sue demonstrated wet felting all weekend & Lenore’s demonstration started with raw fleece to carding with the drum, hand carders and heckle, all weekend. Chris Pietraszek came all the way from Toodyay, midday Saturday with her double heckle to mix and Diz home grown & coloured Alpaca. Crowds were formed each time demonstrations started or passersby were ‘lured’ then enthralled by the transformation from fibre to fabric!

Who was interested?

Farmers, adults of all ages and school age children

 The Cat-Walk

Chris, Nancy, Lenore and Sue did a fantastic job selecting, from our members items, a collection which synchronised with Christiane’s clothes and just looked AMAZING on the Cat Walk. They were worn by professional models to loud music, dazzling lights and promotional narration at the beginning and ALL this supplied by Woolarama at no cost to us!

Two women approached us on Saturday afternoon and said that for them, seeing the Feltwest items on the catwalk had been the highlight of the whole Woolarama show! We are hoping to get some professional images from the catwalk for our website



What sold?

We had a range of items for sale, but what sold most, were light-weight scarves.  We had some beautiful felt objects but they weren’t what people were looking at.  We took over $1200 across the two days.

Resources and cost?

The Feltwest stall and catwalk was organised by a team of 4: Kerry Bertucci, Sue Eslick, Chris Gray and Nancy Ballesteros.  Chris and Nancy had their own separate stall but were on hand to help Feltwest, especially with the setup and packup.  Kerry and Sue were joined by Lenore Fairfield who helped all weekend on the Feltwest stall and with demonstrations.  Everyone paid for all of their own costs with the exception that Feltwest paid for the 3 nights accommodation of the main organiser.

We took our own tables, chairs, screens and display materials so that we didn’t have to pay extra to hire them. Thanks to Kerry for bringing them all down in her ute!

Approximately 15 Feltwest members contributed some wonderful feltwork for the display and catwalk.

Costs paid by Feltwest:

Accommodation – $250,  Feltwest stall – $435.

SUGGESTIONS for next time?

Having participated in this year’s event, those attending have come up with many suggestions for the future, should the next Committee decide to go to Woolarama. These include:

  • Book a double stall, one for sales and one for demonstrations. Allay s
  • ome of the costs by seeking sponsorship for the demonstration stall and a contribution from those wishing to sell felt, for the other stall.
  • Start organizing earlier in the year, – maybe have our own parade-fun night dress rehearsal before it goes to Woolorama.
  • Organise for a media person to promote Feltwest and liaise with other groups.
  • Having a card reader in order to take payment by credit card proved to be invaluable.

Thankyou to everyone who contributed, and especially to Kerry who did the lion’s share of the work –  and so competently and cheerfully.  It was a great team effort, we were all exhausted by the time we got home, but had an enjoyable, productive, and we believe, worthwhile time.

Workshop Review Katia Mokeyeva, March 2,3,4th 2018

Feltwest members have been admiring Katia Mokeyeva’s work for some time, and some have participated in her on-line courses, so Katia’s visit to Perth was keenly anticipated, and we were not disappointed!

Katia gave a talk about her work at Craft House on the Thursday evening, and brought along some of her stunning garments from the 2017 exhibition, Sea State at the DHG Gallery in Prato, Italy where she worked in collaboration with Fiona Duthie.  Images from Katia and Fiona’s earlier 2015 Sea State exhibition in Newcastle, Australia were also shown.

Katia talked about the inspiration from nature and the ocean that influence her work and creative process.  This presentation was very much enjoyed by the 25+ people in attendance, and served as a wonderful introduction to the workshop that was to follow over the next 3 days.

Twelve lucky Feltwest members participated in the three day workshop.  Katia explained how natural plant fibres can be incorporated into felt to give stretch to felt garments, and to create rich textural surface designs.  Three sample pieces were made in the workshop to demonstrate these qualities, and Katia generously shared her ‘cucumber’ design and method for creating her amazing felt shell pattern.    

The use of plant fibres such as Bamboo and Ramie in Katia’s felting techniques was enlightening and created new possibilities for textural surfaces. 



The workshop was given an enthusiastic top rating by the participants, who were expertly led through new ways of working and the creative use of different materials. Everyone commented on Katia’s warmth, patience and generosity.  Thank you Katia for a wonderful and inspiring workshop.

Wagin Woolorama

Feltwest is participating in the Wagin Woolorama!

Woolorama, one of the State’s biggest Agricultural Shows, is at Wagin on  Friday March 9th, Sat.10th 2018.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our work and to promote felt making.  We will have a small exhibition space in the Wool and Fashion Pavilion to display and sell high quality felt items, to demonstrate feltmaking, and share information.

FeltWest has been offered the opportunity to showcase our felted garments on the catwalk at Woolarama. We will also be joining up with a Fremantle based fashion shop to accessorize wonderful linen clothes with our felt wraps, hats, bags, jewelry etc. on the catwalk.

How can you be involved?

Do you have any eye catching felt accessories or fashion that would look great on the Catwalk?

Or do you have any high quality felt items for our display?

All items can also be offered for sale.  No Commission will be charged on any sales.

Felt items for the catwalk or display/ sales table will need to be detailed on the Feltwest Inventory form (see link below) and brought along to the February Toss and Tell on 17th February, or delivered to Kerry Bertucci (Tel 0417093732) in South Perth or Sue Eslick (Tel 0401037973) in Leederville, before 24th February.

Inventory – blank


Review of Leather Workshop

What an inspiring day looking at the possibilities of adding leather to our felt!  We met at Leather Direct in Osborne Park where there was lots of different leathers and tools available.  

Bec from Hammered Leather works showed us the properties of different types of leather and their uses, from very soft kid leather, used for clothing, to sturdy strap leather.

The range of leathers and colours was staggering, and Paul helped people to find the right piece for their project .

Bec provided all of the tools and leather we needed to  make a small card wallet,  learning the basics of cutting, stitching, and adding straps and rivets.  We learned the secrets of how to make stitches even and neat, and how to deal with the ends.



Then people brought out their felt and Bec helped everyone individually to work out how best to work with the leather to turn their design into a finished project, using leather from her scraps box, or purchased from Leather Direct.  People added a range of leather bases, corners, flaps, straps, gussets…..  Everyone had a different idea, and Bec worked flat out helping everyone with their project.









We didn’t all get to finish, but everyone left with the holes punched, and the materials they needed to complete their project at Home.  Thanks Bec, for sharing your skills, time, tools and materials, and staying late to make sure we were all able to continue with our projects at home.  You have really whetted our appetite for adding leather to our felt.