Report by Cynda Empsall


Peta Korb gave a Mini Demo on making Christmas decorations using wet and needle felting techniques in time for our fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis in November.

Peta demonstrated:

  • Wet Felting with Resist
    • Stocking
    • Baubles
  • Needle Felting
    • Snowman
    • Santa
    • Elves

Pointers from Peta

  • Turn mistakes into design changes!
  • The enzymes in saliva and milk will remove blood and red wine from fabric and wool.
  • Wet Felting
    • To make baubles, lay wool diagonally over resist. 
    • Once resist is removed, you can cut soft plastic into strips and stuff it into the form using a chop stick.
Laying wool for the stocking
  • Needle Felting
    • No need to force the needle, do it gently in all aspects and angles
    • Stab in and out on the same angle, gently.
    • With making balls, tie a knot with wool to give firm base.  Do several knots to bulk out and establish a firm base and larger size.
    • Use darning needle to remove wool that’s not in the right place
    • Blend colours, just like paint.
    • You can use scissors to cut wool and to cut prefelt into shape.
Making the Santa
Peta in action


Toss N Tell
  • Soosie greeted everyone and detailed upcoming events in particular her Art of Adornment workshop on 5 -6 October.
  • Martien spoke about her Expanding the Surface workshop on 2-3 November 2019.
  • Martien talked about the Royal Show, thanking members for their contributions to the FeltWEST stand in the Centenary Pavilion and explaining display opportunities and obligations.
  • Soosie discussed the website and suggested people send any interesting upcoming exhibitions or events to Cynda at or Liz at
  • Soosie made suggestions to members as to how they can assist at and after meetings – many hands make light work!
    • Taking notes at Toss N Tell
    • Sweeping up
    • Taking rubbish out
    • Dishes etc. 
  • Soosie mentioned the Christmas wind up would be at the November meeting.  No meeting in December!


  • Renita Mroz and Sue Espie showed vessels made at Pam Hovel’s Earthy Felted Vessels workshop.
  • Liz Odd mentioned the Mundaring Arts Centre (MAC) Exhibition encouraging members to attend
  • Katrina Virgona also recommended visiting the MAC exhibition. She showed seeds, pods she’d been making, and which are featured in the current edition of Felt magazine.
  • Jill Jodrell talked about the Kings Park crocheted floral arrangements at the botanical gardens.
Sue Espie