Workshop Review: EARTHY FELTED VESSELS – Pam Hovel

SEPTEMBER 2019 – Report by Peta Korb

All of us with Pam and our Earthy Felted Vessels

August 30, 2019 saw the start of a three-day workshop with Pam Hovel who is an accomplished innovative textile artist living in rural Victoria. Her work is influenced by her surrounding as can be seen in her choice of wool, colours and methods in her Earthy Felted Vessels.

Over the three-day workshop participants were treated to the delights of felting with Pam, who gave clear instructions and offered continuous guidance throughout each day. Starting with the drafting of patterns for vessels, Pam also covered different layout techniques and a variety of surface design elements through to the finer points of finishing each piece.

Pam was a delightful tutor, generous in her time and teaching of her techniques ensuring everyone created several unique vessels they can be proud of, showcasing all the techniques learned over the three days.

The techniques and extra tips Pam gave throughout the three days were exactly what everyone wanted based on their comments:

  • Just what I needed to learn
  • The perfect workshop for me, I have wanted to know how to create precise vessels for a long time
  • These are the techniques I need to take my felt work further
Pam demonstrating
Jane’s scrunch vessel
Renita in action
Isobel’s vessel
Collected Earthy Works