Feltwest Planning Workshop June 2017

On Sunday 26th June, ten Feltwest members met to discuss past, present and future options for Feltwest activities.  Discussion was lively, constructive and wide ranging, and we all came away enthused with new ideas to be implemented or further explored.

We started off looking at the membership and attendance figures, membership has remained steady for the last 3 years at 140.  Attendance at monthly Toss and Tell is around 30, and at the monthly Tuesday Group, is around 10.  We hold approximately 8 workshops per year, plus 3 beginner’s workshops.

Results of the recent survey of members did not identify any clear trends or major issues, but did provide a number of useful comments and suggestions.

At the planning workshop we reflected on this information, and identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to Feltwest.  With this in mind we looked at the 4 objectives of Feltwest:

  • To promote quality felt
  • To share feltmaking skills and information
  • To support members and encourage fellowship
  • To make contact with other feltmakers.

In small groups we talked about how we can better achieve those objectives.  The suggestions were then grouped into themes, and turned into an action plan. An abbreviated version of this plan is below.

Strategies for the future: Promoting Quality Felt:

  • Consider options for changing the format of Toss and Tell
  • Enhance our use of social media including the website, Facebook, Pinterest.


Strategies for the future: Sharing Feltmaking skills and information:

  • Ensure the Tuesday group is regularly advertised in the monthly enews.
  • Promote Feltwest to students and tutors at TAFE and Colleges and community art galleries
  • Promote Feltwest activities in local newspapers, radio


Strategies for the future: Support members and encourage fellowship:

  • Identify options for supporting new members
  • Explore opportunities for selling work


Strategies for the future: Make Contact with other felters:

  • Participate in the themed project of the annual International Felt Day. 2017 theme is Collaboration
  • Link with Bunbury Felters, FIGS and interstate groups. Offer to set up billet exchanges
  • Increase links with WAFTA
  • Encourage inactive members to re-engage
  • Have a re-union at the November Christmas party
  • Share the list of member’s contact details amongst the membership

We would love to have your involvement in any of these exciting actions. Contact a Committee member with your ideas and let us know which group you would like to participate in.