Studio Detritus with Soosie Jobson by Natalya Chvalova

On 1 March we had an absolutely delightful experience investigating Studio Detritus! Started with philosophical  introduction to existentialism and its reflection on Art , further on Soosie often reminded me a magician , playing different tricks with different objects and means.

During the workshop we covered the following :

1.Using paints on fabric ( silk paint, Metallic acrylic paint, metallic rub-ons oil paints, etc)

2. Using glue for applications.

3. Using shellac and PVA for adding firmness.

4. Creating and using different sorts of stamps.

5. Machine embroidery , using different fabric and techniques

6. Different stitching methods.

Personally, I was especially impressed with the method of attaching a beed using sewing machine. That was a real trick!

I would like to express gratitude from  all who attended the workshop for the feast of creativity and skills!


Natalya Chvalova

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