REMAKE, REUSE, REFASHION workshop with Heather Davis by Mary Ann Dawson

I wasn’t sure exactly which direction the day was going to take but I had raided my stash of felted ufo’s and collected my old clothes and bought some “new” ones from the op shop, so I was as prepared as I could be for the unexpected.
Heather had everything set up ready for our arrival. Tables ready for sewing machines, and other tables ready for cutting out the stencils for screen printing….yes, screen printing…. and there was a dye pot out the back. Heather offered us so many options for re modeling/cycling our garments.
After Heather went through the concept of re-making and re-cycling garments, our objective became clearer. She showed us examples of garments she had re-created, keeping existing hems, necklines and button features (all those fiddly bits to do) and adding decorative features with free machining or cutting and splicing fabric together. She showed us ideas for printing, stitch embellishment and dying. The options are endless!
Heather came around to each of us to discuss what we could create with what we had brought. Her advice inspired many and the results were both surprising and varied.
It was a busy and exciting day as we were all trying to fit in all the options available to us. Some things were quick to do and completed on the day and some things we had to take home to finish, all in all a very inspiring day.
Heather, as usual, was very prepared and professional and gave of her skills and ideas readily. Thank you Heather for an interesting workshop. I think we have only just seen the tip of the iceberg!


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