Come Full Circle: Sculpting with Shrinkage

a workshop with Soosie Jobson

The simplicity of the circle has endlessly fascinated humans. They are intricately woven into our existence through culture, religion, language, and design.  The circle has a mystique about it- it is the perfect never ending shape as it has no beginning nor end. It is an efficient shape it covers the maximum possible area for any given perimeter or circumference.  The circle gave us the wheel. 

We will harness this mystique and combine it with the power of differential shrinkage to create vessels and bowls embellished with the ghost image technique.

Skills to be covered: Differential shrinkage theory – harnessing wool’s ability to shrink, simple circle geometry, ghost image creation, colour theory, and laying techniques.

This workshop is for all felters, in particular if you have participated in, although not essential, the Skills Extension Differential Shrinkage.

A materials fee of $5 is payable to tutor.

Estimated materials list $50

For details of the Cancellation & Refund Policy click here

For all queries, please email the Feltwest Workshop Co-ordinator through our Contact page.


03 Jul 2021


9:30 am - 4:30 pm




Alexander Park Craft House


Alexander Park Craft House
Clyde Road, Menora, WA, 6050


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