To make a good rug by Liz Odd

  1. It is best to lay even layers of wool when making a rug. The ‘design’ layer should be a nearly as thick as your base layer.
  2. It is good practice not to mix types of wool in the separate layers,[for example: corridale base and merino design as merino will wear faster than the corridale] .
  3. Different types of wool can be mixed within layers. Utilise test pieces to ensure you know the shrinkage, and the surface reflects the design and texture anticipated.
  4. Edges should be kept as thick as the main body of the rug . This should be monitored as felting progresses.
  5. Good design makes a good rug. Check that the design remains in place during the felting process. To help keep the design in place, dry roll before wetting down. Rinse the rug well and add vinegar to the final rinse.
  6. A good rug is well felted and hardened. Continue to stretch your piece throughout the process to manage the shape and aid the felting. A rug can be steam ironed to assist with the final shaping.
  7. To make a well felted rug ,test that the fibres cannot be lifted from the rug and that the whole piece is firm and will not stretch when pulled.

Liz Odd

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