Vimol Imsanguan presented a wonderfully busy workshop on her soft figure needle felting techniques.

The day started with learning the basics about needles, wool and essential techniques. A 3D ladybug was created with Vimol demonstrating how to create the main body shape with additional detail of eyes, feelers and legs. Her tips and tricks were were very effective and intriguing.

Moving on to making birds with wings, it wasn’t long before a flock of birds had been created, all as individual as their makers.

Fairies were the theme for the afternoon. With much more complexity with arms, hair, wings and ‘dressing’ the fairy, this was more time consuming. The never-ending details that could be added had participants enthralled at Vimol’s ingenuity.

This was an exciting workshop packed full of ideas that also highlighted the versatility and scope of working with wool fibre. Most participants were new to needle felting, but all went away with an array of creatures and loads of inspiration.

Thank you Vimol.