Shrinkage – What’s wrong with percentages? Part 4

You made your sample and its not square.  🙁  Which measurement do I use?

If the difference is minimal use an average of both.  For example:
Assuming you have laid 30cm x 30cm accurately.
One side measures 15cm and the other 17cm then use 16cm.

The maths: 15 + 17 = 32.  32 / 2 = 16.  This is the average.

If the difference is large there are a couple of questions to ask:

If all else fails remake the sample and try again.

But if you have used an odd number of layers then you need two shrinkage rates, one vertical and one horizontal:

  1. Make your sample.
  2. Measure and designate one side vertical (16.5cm) and one side horizontal (15cm).
  3. Vertical – 30/16.5 = 1.8
  4. Horizontal – 30/15 = 2

Now apply to your template.  I’ll use the bag example from the last post – the finished size is 60cm deep (vertical) and 45cm wide (horizontal).


  1. Vertical is 60cm x 1.8 =  108cm
  2. Horizontal is 45cm x 2 = 90cm.

Full until bag is finished size.

Next post recommended shrinkage rates.

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