Prudence Mapstone Review by Sue Espie

Having always admired the beautiful work of Prudence Mapstone, primarily for its texture, colour and “randomness”, I jumped at the chance of attending this workshop. I was buoyed by the description of “previous experience needed” it stated that participants needed only know a couple of basic crochet or knitting stiches – even if they didn’t necessarily know the name of them. That sounded perfect for me! During the week leading up to the workshop I purchased a couple of crochet hooks and googled ‘basic crochet stitches’ I attempted to refresh my memory on what my mother had taught me 40 odd years ago and away I went.  Arriving at the Scout hall, I positioned myself near Christiane Gray (nice lady & I was pretty sure she’d know something about crochet in case I got truly stuck). Thanks and sorry Chris!

IMG_1280_2 IMG_1282

The day was hosted by the amiable Anne from WAFTA, thankyou Anne, and Prudence was generous with her knowledge, and very patient as there were more than a couple of us with little prior crochet experience, so her work really was cut out for her!

By the end of the day we had all produced a couple of worthy and interesting pieces and most of us had purchased some lovely yarn. Now … how to incorporate this random crochet into my felting? The mind boggles.