2024 Group Project – Seasons

This year’s group project – Seasons is inspired by the 6 seasons of our Noongar people. The traditional Western definition of what and when seasons arrive and depart, was prescribed by choosing dates near the equinox of the sun, and simply changing every 3 months. A strict 4 seasons may be convenient for a calendar but it doesn’t reflect the changing of our environment as accurately the 6 of the Noongar people. For example, as Western Australians we know that spring in Perth has really only arrived once the westerly winds blow. From millennia of observation the 6 Noongar seasons reflect the change in our flora and fauna.

In our design we have followed the research of Kurongkurl Katitjin, Edith Cowan University’s Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research. For further information read the interesting and informative articles here.

Birak (December – January)

The Season ‘Birak’ is represented by the colour red as it symbolises heat, sun and fire.

Bunuru (February – March)

The Season ‘Bunuru’ is represented by the colour orange and is the hottest time of the year.

Djeran (April – May)

The Season ‘Djeran’ is represented by the colour green as it is the time of the year where the cooler weather begins.

Makuru (June – July)

The Season ‘Makuru’ is represented by the colour dark blue as it symbolises rain and cold weather.

Djilba (August – September)

The Season ‘Djilba’ is represented by the colour pink as it symbolises growth of wildflowers and plants.

Kambarang (October – November)

The Season ‘Kambarang’ is represented by the colour yellow as it symbolises the return of the hot weather.

This is an excellent opportunity to participate in a creativity community project that will promote our wonderful craft to a wider audience.

How will this work?

We will make the base component of the panels after the Toss n Tell activity has finished in May, June & July – in a community effort – up to prefelt stage. Our Project Co-ordinator Susan Sheppard has devised several ways to ensure the consistency and quality of the project is of an exhibition quality.

Concept example – 6 panel bases.

To achieve a painterly effect, the base of the 6 panels will be a gradation of lighter to darker single colour by using silk mesh with a merino back.

Test piece

Each panel will then have different images overlaying the silk side. These designs will be created by individuals, using wool, applique silk, other fabric or stitch, giving scope for individual creativity.

They will then be incorporated at the final fulling stage.

The event is finished.


18 May 2024


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Event type

Group Project
Alexander Park Craft House


Alexander Park Craft House
Clyde Road, Menora, WA, 6050


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