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Sue Eslick as kindly provided the following articles about copying.  Hope you enjoy. Soosie


When Marjolein Dallinga visited Perth in 2012 she shared with us her views on the myth of intellectual copyright and gave us copies of the following two articles.  As artists, felters are very conscious of not copying the work of others – at least not selling or teaching ideas that have come from other people. However, these articles point out that it’s not that simple.  Ideas don’t come from a vacuum – we are all influenced by and learn from what we see. Whilst we may be able to identify who has introduced us to a new technique or design idea, can we really say that the idea ‘belongs’ to that person? They too were influenced and learned from others, and these other people may or may not be acknowledged. Take a look at these articles and let us know what you think this means for our community of felters …….

  1. Elephant-Article about COPYING
  2. About copying
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