Tote-lly Squared Workshop Report – tutor Sue Elsick

Tote-lly Squared Workshop 2 -3 March 2019


We had a great couple days at the Tote-lly Squared workshop presented by Sue Eslick, at Alexander Craft House, Menora.

On display were inspirations to help us imagine and design the item we wanted to create.

Tote-lly squared was about creating a square or rectangle pieces of felt on a resist, this could be a bag, box or vessel.



Sue showed the group 6 ways to make a 3D box.  Why 6, there must be method in the madness.


After Sue’s detailed description of how and why we use which box pattern the group set about to create all 6 in paper.

Sue enlighten us on the best use of each box design in what circumstance, then it all made sense, yes it did.

Once the decision was made as to what we individually were to make, we applied our new knowledge to the making of the resist and associated templates. Remember to make allowance for the flap.


Making a mock in paper was very revealing for our design and measurements.  Must remember that next time.  Also should have written down more numbers, yes, but it all worked out in the end.

So many decisions, and the maths, remember there is a shrinkage rate or two.

Now lets get to work.

(sorry picture seems to rotate, not sure how to fix)









Is this going to plan? Of course.







We definitely have a plan.








Sue gave us many tips along the way to assist us on our quest.

Some were

  • laying techniques for squares and corners.
  • use of dry prefelts.
  • use of colour to aid keeping our squares square and our rectangles rectangular.
  • dividing out the wool to enable equal balance of each side.
  • Resist making tips for easier putting together, less bulk at edged.
  • tips on fulling and finishing.
  • polishing and steaming.
  • design ideas.
  • Stiffening.

Still more to learn, blocking.  The gloves?? Can you pick the problem.

Drying and shaping techniques.






Time to embellish, or maybe you planned ahead.

We had wonderful results.

Small boxes and bags



All sorts, we are individuals, and proud of it.

And if you need to leave on time, thanks for sending a picture.

We would like to thank Sue Eslick for a great workshop, full of fun and ideas, skills to learn and develop.

Report and photography mostly by Liz Owens