Entry Process

Please read entire document before confirming your acceptance.

Exhibitor must be a financial member of Feltwest at all of the key dates and throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Entry registration must be submitted online via the web site by the Key Date.

Accepted exhibitors may exhibit up to 3 pieces. Additional works may be accepted at the sole discretion of Feltwest.

Feltwest retains the right to photograph and publish your work, artists statement and bio for the purposes of but not limited to producing a catalogue or otherwise promoting Feltwest and/or the show by any means.

All works will remain on display for the duration of the exhibition(s).

If the WA Government imposes Covid 19 restrictions, or for any other reason, that prevent or impede the exhibition Feltwest reserves the right to change dates in line with Gallery Central , change the venue, or to a Virtual Art Show.

Feltwest & TAFE Central Gallery reserves the right to reject an entry on the grounds that material, subject matter, presentation or method of production is considered unsuitable for the purpose.

Exhibitors Obligations

All exhibitors will produce one piece for the collaborative Timeless installation.  Full details are below.

All exhibitors must submit electronically an Artist Profile (no more than 60 words) by the key date.

All exhibitors must deliver the works to TAFE Central by the key date.

All exhibitors must collect or arrange for collection of any unsold works on the key date.

All exhibitors are expected to promote the exhibition through their own networks.  Media kits will be supplied.

Any specialised fittings to display the artwork must be supplied by exhibitor and may or may not be used.

The Exhibition Artwork

All artwork must be recent original work of the artist entering. The work must not be a copy or a variation of a design from another source, it must not infringe the copyright, moral rights or other rights of any third party.

It must not have been created under the guidance of a tutor or teacher in a workshop of any format, including in person, online or from a publication.

All artwork must have been executed during the 18 months preceding August 2022.

All artwork must be for sale at the nominated price which includes Central Gallery’s 30% commission.

All works must be handmade felt from wool fibre.  The felt must be the integral part of the work.  Mixed media is accepted.

Works must not have been exhibited before nor published including over the internet or social media of any kind prior to the exhibition.

Each piece must have a 50 to 100 word artist statement pertaining to the theme Marks over Time, a description of the materials and general process and be delivered electronically by the key date.

All sizes of work are accepted.


Each exhibitor is responsible for maintaining his/her own insurance. Neither Feltwest nor the TAFE Central Gallery will be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever, however caused to any artwork while in the custody of the TAFE Central Gallery. The TAFE Central Gallery will exercise all reasonable care while art works are in the gallery’s custody.

Timeless Collaborative Scarf Project

Timeless is an exhibition within an exhibition with the contribution of 1 to 2 scarves from every exhibitor.  It will be a installation of hanging scarves all made in greyscale, black to white, and of a similar size 1500mm x 200mm.  They can made with any felting technique and embellished using any textile technique but the only colours allowed are black through to white and any grey in between.  Any scarves presented with colour other than that stated will NOT be accepted.  The scarves will be hung so that viewers can walk through them like a forest.

Feltwest reserves the right to change the display location of this project.

Group Statement

The scarf is one of the humblest pieces of clothing but it is also one of the longest serving – documented since the Ancient Egyptian times.  The scarf has kept us warm, aided our modesty, and mopped our sweat. But besides the functional aspects it has also marked the wearer in some way. The scarf has indicated rank, position, allegiance, and class. It is used in ceremony, ritual and rites.  The scarf is timeless.

Key Dates

Entry registration opens 1st July 2022

Entry registration closes 31st July 2022

Artist Statements & Bio delivered electronically by 15th August 2022

Delivery to TAFE Central Gallery by 22nd August 2022

Unsold collected on 19th September 2022

Registration opens 1st July 2022