MACRO|micro Exhibition: 20th August – 10 September

Feltwest feltmakers explore the MACRO and micro worlds through innovative technology, pushing their ancient craft into new realms of shape, pattern and texture in felt in a new exhibition at gallery Central. Perth.

Feltwest members are constantly seeking new ways to create in felt, endeavouring to push boundaries and develop new approaches.  Inspiration has always come from the world around us but new technologies allow the exploration of different realms; telescopes like Hubble allow us to see the beauty of the MACRO and equipment like electron scanning microscopes open the patterns and colours of the invisible micro. Using a variety of textile and felting  techniques Feltwest members have embraced the MACRO|micro challenge to produce an array of more than 70 garments, sculptures, vessels and wall art.

From macro glimpses  of  outer space to the mitochondria and neurons of human cells, from macroflora  to the world of plankton, ancient watercourses and fire next to minerals, mosquitos, jellyfish and lichen; inspired by the bird’s eyeview and aerial photography to underwater explorations and microscopic  magnifications.

For example, Kerry Grove’s A Plant Cell inspired by botany and its scientific approach to the observation of the plant world –  plants, animals, and organisms are built out of the same basic unit of life and are closely connected on a deep structural level. Artists interpret cell theory as proof that all forms of organic life share the same microscopic unit.

And Alison Gomes’ Looking Down On The Reef, a macro graphic of the Great Barrier Reef with giant starfish, sea snakes and sea anemones contrast with her  Cellular Life depicting human cells with graphic simplicity.

FREE EVENT SATURDAY 20 AUGUST artist floor talks  1:00PM


Gallery Central

NORTH  METRO TAFE  formerly Central

12 Aberdeen St, Perth        t: 9427 1318

dates 20 Aug – 10 Sept 2016        hours 10-4.45pm weekdays 12-4pm Saturdays