FeltWEST Toss ‘n’ Tell September

FeltWEST Toss n Tell September 2018

Mini-workshop on Scrunchy Silk

At today’s mini-workshop Karen Wood presented an application of nuno felting which she calls ‘Scrunchy Silk’ for making richly decorated collars and scarves. Karen learnt the idea some years ago from our member, Judy Barkla at a Retreat.


Scrunch up small pieces of silk fabric, silk fibre, mohair, sari silk ends, velvet silk, yarn and open weave synthetic or cotton fabric, preferably all in a colour theme, over a template and then to bind it all together with a thin layer of wool tops.

Place your template for your piece under a sheet of plastic or bubble wrap. Take small pieces of feature fabrics, dip them in water, scrunch them up and place them on the template or just over the outside edge of the template. You may like to fold and coil some short lengths of fine fabric to make ‘roses’. The cut edges should all face upwards.





Lay one layer of fine wool tops over the top of your multi-coloured and textured piece, but extend only to the edge of your template. The small amount of wool tops is used to ensure a fine, light result. The pieces of fabric which extend beyond the edge of the template will create a ruffle.

Cover with mesh and wet down with soapy water as usual. Very carefully and gently rub the piece until everything has bonded together. Only then should you start gently rolling. Don’t over-felt so that the final piece remains soft and wearable.






  • For collars and scarves, reduce the amount of scrunched decoration on the middle of the piece so that it sits flat behind the neck.
  • During the process of felting, use a needle and thread to attach any stray pieces of fabric which are slow to adhere.


Thank you Karen for the workshop, it has refreshed the experienced felter’s and and shown an interesting technique for the rest of us.




News and update

President Marion thanked Karen for her inspiring demonstration and welcomed new members.

Items for FeltWest’s stall at the Royal Show are coming in and well on track. Any late items can be handed in until 19 September by contacting Marion to arrange a drop-off. Members who have volunteered for the roster will be emailed a map and other information. Entry passes to the Show will be provided to those on the roster. Lenore will be demonstrating the ‘Square’ reader for taking credit card payments later during this session.

Talented Canadian felter, Fiona Duthie, who recently taught at Fibres West, will be conducting a 4-day workshop, Fibre + Paper + Ink, from 31 January to 3 February 2019. The workshop will combine paper and ink printing with traditional felting fibres. Given the time of year, FeltWEST is hoping to access an air-conditioned venue but this will result in a slightly higher price, probably around $420 for the 4 days. The workshop will be advertised soon and is expected to be in high demand.

What is coming up:

  • Beginners workshops are being offered today (15 September) and 20 October.
  • A Technique Focus workshop, ‘Cracked Earth’, taught by Kerry Bertucci and Jean MacKenzie, is on 2 October.
  • Katrina Virgona’s workshop, Felt Jewellery and Armature, on 6 October is already fully booked.
  • Catherine O’Leary’s 4-day workshop, Fabric Designing and Sculptured Felt Garments, is on 2-5 November, but again, this is fully booked.
  • The October Toss n Tell meeting will feature a mini-workshop, ‘Tunnels in Felt’ with Martien van Zuilen. For those wanting to read about the technique in advance, a recent Felt magazine features a description of the technique.
  • The November Toss n Tell meeting will be our Christmas party and this meeting is always well attended and lots of fun. Please bring a plate of delicious food to share, either savoury or sweet. There will also be a gift exchange for those wanting to participate. Bring a small hand-made or craft-related gift to exchange. Also, the raffle will be drawn and this time the prize will be a FeltWEST voucher which can be used to pay towards your membership or a workshop.

Lenore talked us through the use of the ‘Square’ reader for taking credit card payments at the upcoming Royal Show and other future stalls and exhibitions.

Toss n Tell


Peta and Vimol showed their beautiful autumn scenes produced at Olga Finkel’s recent workshop, ‘Painted Landscapes’. They had used white batt as a base, then applied colour using needle felting to hold wool tops in place and then wet-felted the whole piece.  Throwster’s waste was applied to make clusters of leaves on the trees. The process for adding tiny, intricate people had been challenging but gave a very precise result.







Sue Eslick showed a multi-coloured sea monster made by putting all her scraps of pre-felt into a laundry bag in the washing machine – a nobbly delight!








Maureen, a beginner felter, had made an impressive fairy cottage using needle felting.








(sorry no updated photo with stitching)

Alison Higgins modelled her beret in pinks, embellished with yarns, made at Sue Eslick’s recent beret workshop. She also showed a beautiful green Thai silk scarf featuring felt edging and beaded fringes.




Liz Owens showed off a stunning circular pendant with sushi roll and knotted silk inserts, hanging on twisted silk cord.






Katrina told us about her upcoming talk at WAFTA’s 25 October evening meeting. Her presentation will be about the progression of her art practice, including her mini straight jacket project. FeltWEST members are welcome to attend.


One last Show and Tell, photo of gorgeous fairy, so not sure the owner.





I was a great Saturday, thanks to all who attended, see you soon.


Report: Sue Harrington

Photo’s: Alison Higgins

thanks guys great job.