Circular Cobweb Scarves tutor Sara Quail 4 May 2019

Circular Cobweb Scarves, tutor Sara Quail- report by Renita Mroz

Apologies for very late reporting on Sara Quail’s wonderful one-day workshop on Circular Cobweb Scarves.

These lightweight scarves, made using a resist and one-directional wool layout, are both beautiful and versatile. 

Sara was, as ever, super organised and prepared and brought along a wide range of samples to be studied, admired and tried on. 

During the workshop, Sara demonstrated three techniques for layout of the fibres:

Spreading: Using a continuous length of wool/silk roving
Drawing:  Drawing out wool roving and overlaying it with decorative silk/plant fibres as desired.
Shingling:  A single layer of fine shingles (laid in one direction only), overlaid with decorative silk/plant fibres.  This method is great for producing a gossamer-fine scarf and/or to use up small scraps of leftover wool.

Rubbing with hands or felting tools began the felting process while protecting the delicate fibres from moving about.  Only once the fibres were stable could rolling begin.  With no cross fibres, it was a surprisingly lengthy process!

The end results, however, were lovely.  Thanks, Sara, for a great workshop.