Marks Over Time Exhibition Process

Marks Over Time – Exhibition by Feltwest

We are extremely pleased to have obtained the Gallery Central TAFE for our first exhibition since 2016 the very successful MACRO|micro.  Entry is open to all members as we are hoping to involve as many as possible – no matter what level of experience, or past participation in exhibiting your work you are encouraged to participate.  One of the wonderful things about a group exhibition is bringing everyone along on the journey.

To facilitate this – we plan to have a series of talks and activities designed to guide our membership from inception to exhibition, in September next year. These talks will be at each Toss n Tell covering topics such as our theme – Marks Over Time, artist statements and bios.  As part of this process we are also very pleased to announce our new Work in Progress (WIP) club – hands on felting days to foster mentoring and sharing of skills and techniques.  This will also provide the perfect opportunity to discuss exhibition ideas or simply work on pieces.  We plan to hold regular WIP days on the first Tuesday of every month with additional days added when the opportunity arises.

A focal point of the exhibition will be the collaborative work in the Timeless installation.  Timeless is an exhibition within an exhibition with a contribution from every exhibition participant.  It will be an installation of hanging scarves all made in greyscale, black to white, and of a similar size 1500mm x 200mm.  They can made with any felting technique and embellished using any textile technique but the only colours are black through to white and any grey in between.  The scarves will be hung so that viewers can walk through them like a forest.

All information about the Exhibition including the talks and sessions will be under the Members section of our website.  Choose Marks Over Time from the menu that’s where you will find things like the Sessions, Registration Process & Entry Fee, the media and promotion kit for downloading, key dates and checklists.  More information will be added as the dates are confirmed with Gallery Central but the general overall process is:

  • Attend the Sessions at Toss n Tell
  • Start your pieces
  • Attend WIP days
  • Register and pay online, upload artist statements & bios, and adhere to the key dates.

And of course our eNews will have everything you need at the appropriate time.

September Toss n Tell – Exhibition Theme – Marks Over Time and Timeless