Review of Leather Workshop

What an inspiring day looking at the possibilities of adding leather to our felt!  We met at Leather Direct in Osborne Park where there was lots of different leathers and tools available.  

Bec from Hammered Leather works showed us the properties of different types of leather and their uses, from very soft kid leather, used for clothing, to sturdy strap leather.

The range of leathers and colours was staggering, and Paul helped people to find the right piece for their project .

Bec provided all of the tools and leather we needed to  make a small card wallet,  learning the basics of cutting, stitching, and adding straps and rivets.  We learned the secrets of how to make stitches even and neat, and how to deal with the ends.



Then people brought out their felt and Bec helped everyone individually to work out how best to work with the leather to turn their design into a finished project, using leather from her scraps box, or purchased from Leather Direct.  People added a range of leather bases, corners, flaps, straps, gussets…..  Everyone had a different idea, and Bec worked flat out helping everyone with their project.









We didn’t all get to finish, but everyone left with the holes punched, and the materials they needed to complete their project at Home.  Thanks Bec, for sharing your skills, time, tools and materials, and staying late to make sure we were all able to continue with our projects at home.  You have really whetted our appetite for adding leather to our felt.