Review of Heather Davis’s dyepot workshop by Judi Barkla

REVIEW Heather Davis’s DYEPOT WORKSHOP by Judi Barkla: The day started with an enthusiastic group of women arriving, loaded up with a variety of different fabrics, keen to learn all they could and enjoy a day of communal learning.

The pots were set up and coming to the boil when another group turned up to claim the back verandah area for a children’s event and we were required to move all gas bottles, burners and pots into the internal courtyard area. Ever the optimist, Heather did so with her usual good grace and the day moved along.

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With excellent preparation, samples and comprehensive notes for everyone, Heather shared a variety of design, resist and dying possibilities for all to try, including overdying after retying some pieces. A mixture of strong colours brightened the blustery drizzly day and resulted in a range of different fabrics being transformed into colourful pieces …

Heather’s extensive knowledge and experience enabled her to clearly explain each method, show samples of her work for each technique presented and answer questions as quickly as they were fired at her.

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Heather’s dying skills are matched by her baking skills and we were treated to delicious morning tea treats

Participants left at the end of the day with bundles of damp treasures, some yet to be untied, with comments like …


“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to explore dying using a wide range of techniques to transform various items after being given expert advice and help from Heather.”

“Great day thanks Heather, I was excited to see colours emerge and learn how the different techniques allowed dye to be taken up or not.”

“Thank you Heather you demonstrated the endless design possibilities. It was fun to experiment with the help and expertise of yourself and the other participants.”

“It was a very good introduction to dyepots, I have learned a lot and will go away a lot wiser than when I started. Thanks Heather.”

An enjoyable day thank you Heather.


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