Lindy Frayne’s natural dyeing workshop review

For those of us lucky enough to attend Lindy Frayne’s natural dyeing workshop it was a weekend spent experimenting with natural fibres and any plant material which was obtained sustainably. Pots were bubbling away with puffball, stringy bark, eucalyptus, etc. There was even a large pot of pumpkin soup Lindy kindly made bubbling away for our lunch.

We spent day one wrapping up our bundles with all sorts of plant material and preparing fabrics for dye. Copper and aluminium was used to provide the mordant. Bundles were left overnight in the dye pots and when we arrived the next morning it was with great anticipation that bundles were opened.  No-one was disappointed with the results and those who had dyed merino had amazing results and the intention was to make the pieces of merino into a tunic.

The smells were amazing, the lunch was perfect and the end result of the fabrics was incredible. Some participants decided to leave their bundles wrapped up for a few more weeks to get more marked results.

We were well looked after by Lindy with huge pots of lemongrass tea and fresh bread, dips and soup. Looking forward the next one!

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