Inspiration? by Vianne Sleypen

As a Hairdresser I find it easy to create something new, to start a haircut and finish it to mine, and the client’s satisfaction.  That it the easy part because for several reasons;

  • there is someone sitting in the chair who can talk – they can provide feedback or preference,
  • has a type of hair,
  • a particular shape of head and face,
  • and my skills, experience and knowledge.

But as a felter the possibilities are huge as nobody is telling me what to do – there is no feedback or preference, no predetermined requirements.  I can create any shape I like, use any colour, any kind of wool.  When there are so many options inspiration is important.

image3a image2a

For me I find inspiration all around me, for example when I’m walking the dogs along the river I pick up feathers, bring them home, and stack them in foam  and just let them be in my studio.   I still don’t know what I’m gonna do with it, but that doesn’t matter.  I keep on looking at them.