FeltWEST – 2018 AGM

FeltWEST – 2018 AGM

Feltwest Inc

Minutes of AGM

18 August 2018, Alexander Park Craft House, Menora

Meeting opened:  12:00pm


Mavis Paskulich, Pat Kendall, Sue Harrington, Liz Odd, Linda Riccio, Karen Parry, Alison Gomes, Teresa O’Malley, Jan Ladyman, Maureen Hislop, Judith Walsh, Ann Bonny, Martien van Zuilen, Renita Mroz, Peta Korb, Jill Jodrell, Vera Sergeev, Alison Higgins, Virginia Campbell, Liz Owens, Katrina Virgona, Kerry Bertucci, Marion Finneran, Lyn Brown (APCH President)



Marie Marshall, Chris Gray, Sara Quail, Jean McKenzie


Minutes of last AGM

The minutes of the 2017 AGM were approved as a true and correct record.

Proposed: Sue Eslick

Seconded: Martien van Zuilen


 Business arising:



President’s report:

The President’s report was read by current president Karen Wood.

Accepted with thanks.

Proposed: Liz Odd

Seconded: Kerry Bertucci

Treasurer’s Report:

Liz Owen tabled and read the Treasurer’s report.

Accepted with thanks.

Proposed: Linda Riccio

Seconded: Sue Harrington

Declaration of all positions vacant.

Virginia Campbell presided over the election of office bearers.

All positions on the Committee of Management were declared vacant.


Election of Office Bearers:

President: Marion Finneran; no other nominations; Elected unopposed

Vice President: Karen Wood; no other nominations; Elected unopposed

Treasurer: Lenore Fairfield; no other nominations; Elected unopposed

Secretary: Sue Harrington; no other nominations; Elected unopposed


Liz Owens

Peta Korb

Renita Mroz

There were no further nominations; Elected unopposed


Other Business:

Newly-elected President, Marion Finneran promoted the idea of having several sub-committees to undertake specific tasks e.g. Alison Gomes as New Member Liaison continues to provide a much-appreciated welcome to new members and e.g. Kerry Bertucci, Alison Gomes and Jean McKenzie organise beginner’s and Extension workshops.


Marion thanked outgoing members of the committee, Sara Quail, Alison Higgins and Sue Eslick.

Meeting closed at 12:25pm

Toss N Tell

Pat Kendall with her Blue Beret from Sue Eslick’s Beret Workshop






Renita Mroz Beret extra pizass on the side.


Kerri Bertucci beret – resists on resists and scarf to match.











Oven mitts for my sister, Sue Harrington











Karen Wood Beret







Alison Higgins Beret

Alison needle felted eggs, my those needles are sharp.









Sue’s Beret and results from Charlotte Sehmich’s workshop down south, use of multiple resists.

Example of spikes several ways, results from the Extension Workshop.







Marie Jacquies , Silk ties into a headband.

Love toss n tell, lots of gorgeous pieces,

thanks ladies.