July 2017 Toss ‘n Tell

     July 2017 Toss ‘n Tell

Needlefelt Demo by Kerry Bertucci

Kerry set up a beautiful display of samples of work that she had made which demonstrated the the process of needlefelting . Some items were made  combining  needlefelting together with wetfelting. Many of the 3D forms were started by making the base from foam or an armature for support and form. Other shapes were made using a resist  which was then stuffed with wadding or wool or a combination of both.

Natural wool (with lanolin) could be used if you want a hard base shape. Combed and cut wool was then applied to the base shape for building up the surface detail. Kerry had various small embellishments , tools and tips to achieve the detail of the finished items including ways to display them. She also had a selection of reference books on the subject. Judith Shaw complimented Kerry on her most informative demonstration.


Toss + Tell

Alison attended the workshop at the Fibreswest where she learned various techniques of folding felt. She showed us her blue ribbed nautilus shell.


Sue Eslick showed the delightful  and practical oven mits and gloves that she made at the Muresk Retreat. Her little granddaughter was the lucky recipient of a charming hat. She stitched a band inside to make the hat smaller to fit properly. The felted jacket that she wore was also much admired.

Vimon  brought some unique needlefelted  pieces that she has made. Her attention to detail and form are most impressive with a sense of fun as well. 1. Female warrior     2. Dog  3.Acrobatic doll ( wire armature), Love Doll with gold thread embroidery and wet felted dress.


Liz Odd  made a man’s scarf in tones of midnight blue. Lesson: Because she had laid her wool so finely it shrank to half the starting length, but the end result was a very fine product. She also made a black frill scarf using black silk, textured fabric and black wool.


Pat attended Sue’s Bag Workshop and made a charming wine/red bag with black embellishments and handle.


Karen Wood made an elegant shaded brown/lilac scarf with silk wool felby scraps.


Vera brought photographs of various lamps and lampshades that she has made recently. The lamp bases are custom carved by her husband. She also made an orange mohair and silk knitted scarf. She then tied numerous balls at each end, after which it was washed twice in the washing machine to create a shibori effect.



Stacey attended Sue’s Bag Workshop and brought her bag made in shades of natural wool, finished with an artistic embellishment of contrasting natural wool and cord handle. She also showed us samples, creating undulations, that she had made during an online course run by Pam de Groot  including a shibori experiment.








Kerry attended the Fibreswest felt folding workshop where she made samples of various techniques incl. bracelet and “waterbomb” using different thicknesses. She also showed us 2 of her curved wool felted scarves in shades of blue denim into which she incorporated silkmesh and cotton fabric.    4 layers of wool were finely laid and the end product was light and draped well. Tip: she applied masking tape to the tassels that she did not want to felt in.









Jill made a beautiful nuno felted orange structured jacket . She first made the fabric of cotton voile and wool  and then cut it to her pattern and tailored and stitched the garment.



Juliette showed us her “Grass teapot” that she had made at Pam Mc Gregor’s workshop. She used Finnish wool  and silk lap Unfortunately the silk lap got lost in the wool which was disappointing but a good lesson all the same.

Liz Owens attended Sue’s Bag Workshop and made a delightful bag with  gussets and  handle all felted in 1 piece.

Judith Shaw made her scarf  using  butter muslin and fine quality white Alpaca wool on both sides. She subtly incorporated  small coloured flower shapes which were embedded in the wool .

Sara Quail also attended the Fibreswest felt folding workshop  where she learned techniques and  made a “waterbomb”, a bracelet/ toggle , a “ kaleidocycle” and a scarf = 5 days of hard work !

June 2017 Toss ‘n Tell

   June 2017 Toss ‘n Tell

Demo: Sara Quail incorporating silk carrier rods into felt.

Sara gave us a very comprehensive and informative talk on silk carrier rods and how to use them in our felting projects. It is a by- product of the reeling of silk. The filaments that adhere randomly to the rod of the equipment is cut off and that is what we call “carrier rods”. To use them you have to either roll them in your hands to soften it or else iron the product to flatten it. Each rod has many layers that can be separated, then stretched to open up the fibres to make them suitable to incorporate as surface design on your pre-felt. Sara showed numerous samples of ways of applying the rods to the surface, including making of silk paper and silk thread.

Toss + Tell

Kerry Bertucci wore a fine red shawl that she made with merino wool and drafted silk. She also displayed a shawl/wrap in shades of red that she had designed by 1st drawing her pattern on an old discarded blanket to ensure that she got the correct drape that she wanted. She then enlarged the pattern according to the expected shrinkage. The end result was a reversible garment made of wool and silk fabric.

Vimol showed us 2 beautiful framed pictures. “The gum tree” was done with needle felting on a wool blanket and machine embroidery.  “The Pom Pom tree” was done with wet felting and then hand embroidered. Her work was finely executed and most attractive.

Kerry Grove showed us all the items that she completed at our recent Retreat weekend. She made samples, a phone bag and cord, a sari silk runner and a beautiful shawl. She certainly was busy at the Retreat!


Sue Eslick showed 3 beautiful nuno hats – 2 were very elegant and beautifully shaped. The 3rd hat is unstructured, can be worn in various ways and can fold up into your pocket. Sue also designed a silk scarf/shawl made from pieces of silk stitched together. She then attached felted cords to 2 opposing corners and made a felt toggle to complete it.


Marion Finneran showed her bed throw that she made at the Retreat. It was in shades of blue and green wool with silk fabric and stitched surface design.



Marie J showed her red and black bag that she had made in Sue Eslick’s Bag Workshop. She also had made pretty flowers that can be used either as embellishments or brooches. She had also made 2 silk and wool “ocean scenes” that had been made for a project and planned to incorporate them into another project.

Sue Harrington made a fluffy striped rug using a coarse Corriedale wool mixture.

Virginia  made 2 scarves at the Retreat. The white one was made using a silk slushie (50%wool/50%silk). The nuno felted blue scarf had a surface design of circles.



Liz Odd showed us 2 silk and wool scarves/collars that were made using masking tape as a resist in order to curve the fabric to fit correctly around the neck.

Pat made a delightful silk and wool scarf at the Retreat in soft delicate pastel shades.

Martien van Zuilen
showed us nuno mosaic hats and a bag made from merino, silk fabric and prefelt. She likes to make them soft enough to be able to turn and shape them on your head or use them as a bag if necessary! See her project in the latest Felt Magazine # 17. She also made various vessels using coiled hand felted cords and fine copper wire.

Alison Gomes made a fine merino wool scarf in an autumn rust colour. She applied black wool prefelts to the one side and discovered that the edges were drawn through the rust and created a lovely black line on the reverse side.

Karen W made a quirky green cushion cover with spikes at the Retreat as well as 2 mats.

Marie M made a stunning Opal coloured wrap at the Retreat using silk lap and wool. Because she was concerned that the colours were too bright she used black wool which toned down the colours. The colours ran and stained her hands. Very helpful to have made a sample before. Luckily she was using black wool so disaster was averted!

Sara Quail showed us her delicate white scarf which she made using her method called Doubly Deconstructed Nuno which was published in the current Felt Magazine #17.


May 2017 Toss and Tell

     May 2017 Toss ‘n Tell

Demo and talk

Soosie Jobson gave a talk on Shrinkage Rates when felting and explained why estimating  a percentage produces an inaccurate result. In order to calculate  how much a project will shrink one has to first make a sample. Then you divide the initial laid out size of the sample by the finished size  = the correct rate of shrinkage for that project.  For wearables a minimum shrinkage rate would be 1.7 – 1.9%.   Nancy advised that for nuno wearables she would use 25g wool for 1 m of silk fabric for a good drape. Soosie has lots of information on her website.


The President , Virginia , thanked Soosie for a most informative talk.

Visitors welcomed : Sandra from New Zealand, Kim from Tasmania, Stacy, Suzie Sheppard.

Information regarding The Retreat was discussed.

Sue Eslick’s bag workshop is open for bookings. Later in the year there will be a leather workshop which may be very useful for finishing items e.g.straps for handbags.

Members are requested to complete an online survey which will help with the planning of a 5 year vision for the group. Members are invited to attend the meeting on 25th June from 9 – 12 noon.

The next Retrospective issue will be delayed until September/October. This will be a special “birthday” issue. Members are invited to join a committee to prepare this publication.

Toss n Tell

Marion made a nuno scarf using  silk dyed in a workshop with Heather Davis.

Marie had works in progress viz. little birds and badges that she is making with children she is teaching at an art elective in Darlington.


Stacy showed us her beautiful blue wearable art vest/scarf that she was wearing, as well as  a scarf and bag. She attended Nancy’s workshop where she learned to make a colourful striped mat and a grey and white striped one .

sara quail

Sara has been doing an online workshop with Pam de Groot where she learned interesting 3D techniques – 3 of which she showed being : Splash, Twistie and Spiral.

Linda showed us her piece that started off as a vessel but changed into a cuff that she was wearing.

Karen is a new member who has an art and fashion background. She has been trying to combine the techniques from different workshops and brought numerous garments that she is working on to  develop her own style in wearable art.








Katrina  brought a collection exotic items that are all works in progress using horsehair and red dyed goat hair.

 Alison showed her latest project that she has just completed. She explained her procedure of work from concept to execution. Her colours and design are quite unique and admired by those present. Although it is a large wall hanging she only used 250g wool for this project.

Liz is a new member  and brought samples made in Alison’s beginners workshop. She also made various vessels which she learned from Soosie’s online workshop.

Nancy showed her blue striped nuno scarf using silk mesh as well as a fine striped one in neutral shades which she used when teaching her Stripe Sequencing workshop.

At Pam McGregor’s workshop Nancy made a felted boab tree /teapot/sculpture .

Susan Sheppard ( visitor) had made a lovely wrap in blue and brown.

Sue Swain showed us a very sculptural piece of sea sponge that she found on the beach.

Pat showed us her latest knitted jumper she had made in a geometric design in shades of grey, black and red.

Soosie Jobson  made a vessel demonstrating differential shrinkage and explained the process. She has a free tutorial on her website.

She also made an intriguing 3D multi-ribbed Eucalyptus tree .

She accessed a website : Redbubble.com that will print any designs you submit. She printed her “synchronised fish” design onto a bag, a scarf and another design onto her mobile phone cover.


Judith Shaw  showed us a pair of warm woollen slippers , a bag in progress  and a necklace of dyed seedpods, as well as the jacket she was wearing.

Vimol used a combination of  wet felting, needle felting and embroidery to make 2 wonderful, whimsical hats, 1 with a face of a cat in relief. She also needle felted a head with a face in relief for a hat to be displayed on.















Report by Marion, Photos by Nancy

March 2017 Toss ‘n Tell


March 2017 Toss ‘n Tell

Christine Wheeler  gave a very insightful talk on how to restore your favourite handmade felted garment after many years of wear. She showed us her jacket that she had restored.Christine also showed us her beautiful shawl . She combined fabric with and fine merino wool and silk using an attractive colour palette of reds.



Sue Swain spoke about her recent workshop that she ran on “Wearable Art” and mentioned that she would be repeating it again in April. She also showed samples of the type of garments that can be designed.  Sara Quail and Alison Higgins showed us the garments that they had made in her workshop.





Sara Quail  had various samples that she had been working on  with the intention of using the ideas in larger projects viz. a handbag strap. Also samples for padded surfaces using foam filling – to be used in floor mats or rugs.


Wimon  wore an attractive bag and explained how she had made the bold, strong corded strap  that was attached.

Marion had made an assortment of vessels following a workshop that she attended run by Martien van Zuilen. She explored various materials and techniques which included stitching, padding, resists, cutting, silk paper and the use of merino wool vs Finnish wool.






Marie displayed a sample in which she started with a wet-felted base onto which she applied a needlefelted design and finally wet-felted the piece.

Alison Higgins showed us her neck warmer felted in white with a charming orange and green organic design.


Kerry had attended the Pam McGregor workshop and showed her finished teapot that had delightful little birds nesting on the branches of the “treepot”.

Katrina had also attended Pam McGregor’s workshop and her one was a dramatic teapot in black, shades of grey and red.

Alison Gomez  showed us her latest wall hanging  with striking geometric shapes on a dark background in fine merino wool and silk.  Her work, as always, is of a very high standard.

February 2017 Toss ‘n Tell

February 2017 Toss ‘n Tell

Various  ingenious ways of making good quality cords were demonstrated by Sue Eslick.


  1. showed her reclining mermaid in which she used various techniques viz. woodblock surface design , embellishments of stitching and beading.


  1. A school of fish all made in 1 piece using numerous resists. The beading embellishment enhanced the piece and gave it an extra dimension.









showed off her very warm hat that she had made for herself . It is the first hat that she has made and was a great success.

Marie  had made a sample using black merino wool and silk lap.

Sue Eslick  her Rabbit Teapot that she made at Pam Mc Gregor’s workshop using Gotland wool. For the rabbit and carrot stopper she used merino.

Judith  showed off her beautiful blue hat / beanie

Sara  displayed her lovely delicate Uzbek silk and wool wrap. She also attended Pam Mc Gregor’s workshop and made a Fish Teapot using Finnish wool.


Vera showed us photos of various  lamps that she has made recently.

Alison Gomes   Showed us her latest wall hanging in wool and silk that is a work-in-progress. It is now at the pre-felt stage , having shrunk approx. 15%.  

Katrina showed us the brochure of the current exhibition being held at the Mundaring Art Centre which ends on 19 March 2013. She will be doing a demo for WAFTA on 15th May ( Mothers Day) on making of wire armatures

Christmas Lunch & Nov Toss ‘n Tell 2016

Christmas Lunch & November Toss ‘n Tell 2016.

It was hard to believe it was already Christmas time again! A lovely group gathered for our annual lunch feast. Luckily this year the sea breeze gently kept the flies away and it wasn’t too hot.  We were incredibly fortunate Soosie volunteered to supply the Christmas Tree, having just made one for an on-line tutorial she is teaching.

img_1780. felt tree by Soosie Jobson   img_1777img_1786

We had and incredible feast, since we are all such good cooks!

Our new president Virginia Campbell introduced our new program for 2017. Lots of workshops and demonstrations are being planned as well as our annual retreat, two international tutors, and a group project to be announced early next year.  Keep your eyes on the home page of the websiteand our eNews bulletins. img_1779

We had our annual gift exchange and raffle which Sue Eslick won.img_1822

At our Toss ‘n Tell, Sue Harrington showed some very intersting sample pieces she made in Alison Gomes workshop, What lies Benneath, learning how to add resists to your work to add surface design.img_1758. sue harringtion img_1756-resize. detail sue harrington

Alison Gomes show an incredibly luscious new wall hanging she has been working on, with some wonderful hand stitching for embellishment.img_1770-resize. alison gomes img_1775-resize.close up alison gomes

Katrina Virgona showed off her talent for creating evocative jewelry using a limited palette of red and black, and a splash of yellow.

img_1800.katrina virgona

Sue Eslick had been busy re-purposing and old tea cozy into a gorgeous Meditation Bead necklace. She also found a leather worker to add leather strap onto oimg_1805-resizene of her fabulous bags.img_1762.sue eslick


Marie Marshall had been busy making scarves for family and overseas friends for Christmas. She did a wonderful job of folding her scarves in so there were no raw edges.

img_1810                       img_1806.marie marshall               img_1807.detail marie marshall

Marie Jacquier made a large wrap adding on a special piece of fabric to each end to add the ‘wow’ factor.

img_1819.marie jacquier

September Toss and Tell by Marion Finneran

SEPT. TOSS N TELL/AGM 2016 by Marion Finneran – After the AGM, we gathered round to watch the video which Soosie has made of the exhibition. Thanks Soosie, it looks wonderful.  Congratulations to Katrina for winning the raffle prize. She has never won one before so she was thrilled!

Toss and Tell this month showed some beautiful felting made by our members

Christine showed us her beautiful wrap of wool and silk that she made using shades of reds and cerise that combined interesting patterns and textures.

Sue Eslick  told us about her vessels using a variety of  fibres from Merino to Bergschaf. She also explained her method of first making  a bag which was dyed afterwards.

Kerry attended a fun and functional vessel workshop with Pauline Franklyn where she made  a “vessel” that she converted into a handbag.

When she attended Martien van Zuilen’s mandala workshop she made a beautiful floormat/wallrug in shades of green. She described the many layers, much rolling and stitching, cords, tones and texture, making it a very unique item.

Soosie showed her scarf that she made for the exhibition “Myths and Legends” on the theme of the Mexican festival: Day of the Dead. She also displayed a very innovative fishy fantasy hat made years ago that transforms into a mask by folding down the front.




Helen, a new member, attended the beginners workshop today run by Alison Gomes and Sue Eslick. She showed us the samples she had enjoyed making.



Liz also attended Martien van Zuilen’s mandala workshop where she made her floormat/wallrug with a shield design in her mandala, evocative of the shields used by many African tribes.

Vera showed us her delightful fairy houses that can be used as night lights

Alison displayed her scarves with their beautiful colour combinations, stitching and original designs.

Katrina is presently working on a fetish piece and enquired whether anyone had animal/horse hair or human hair to contribute to her project.

August TnT & AGM by Lyn Blasgund

Following the AGM  for 2015, the members were eager to show the results of their wonderful felting.

IMG_4752 IMG_4753
Soosie Jobson  brought in her amazing cactus garden (in felt of course) to show what can be achieved  with  complex resists. This was also a preview of what participants can produce when they attend her workshop of October 2nd and 3rd.

IMG_4735 IMG_4736 IMG_4180

The President thanked Liz Odd for her efforts in doing the ‘clean up ‘ of Alexander craft house.
There are still places available for the Bali Retreat.
The york Bazaar and fibre’s west info is included in the E newsletter.
Martine from Fibres West  attended the day and had felting materials for sale  and also displayed her amazing rugs.  Matine will be running a rug making workshop next year, so watch out  for the dates of this workshop as places and limited. Martien Van Zuilen also displayed her nuno felt wraps and scarves, and her learnings were identified as placement and finishing.

IMG_4721 IMG_4723

IMG_4726 IMG_4727

  • July Barkla advised that she will do a write up on her encased objects workshop.
  • The dates published  in the Feltwest retrospective magazine were printed incorrectly,  Soosie’s workshop in Oct 2nd and 3rd and Nancy’s Hanky Panky workshop is Nov 6 and 7.  Antoinette Boyd who does a fabulous job in publishing the Retrospective, will only be doing this for one more year and has asked for anyone who has skills in publishing to volunteer to replace her at the end of the year.
  • The Fremantle stall for Feltwest is on 4-6th December.  Those members who wish to have their items for sale should have them checked by the committee members for quality  and advice if further felting of these items are required.  we want to show the best products to the general public.
  • Soosie announced that FeltWest have secured the Central TAFE’s art gallery for an exhibition in 2016 the Exhibition will run for 3 weeks  and the theme will be along the lines of MARO|micro”. Each meeting of Toss n Tell, the members will discuss the progress of this exciting opportunit

Toss n Tell items.
Sue Eslick   modeled yet another glorious hat (you wear them so well)
Vianne Sleypen showed off her beanie entry  and announced her disappointment of not winning. We all think you are a winner Vianne.

IMG_4729 IMG_4757 IMG_4760 IMG_4762
Pat Kendall showed her scarf which was combining silk and wool, lovely colour combinations!
Judi Barkla showed her cute little felted rocks and showed what happens with micro laying  over tiny rocks when some burst through and others don’t fully felt.  Very tactile and lovely to play with in your hands (Meditation rocks?) and to follow on we saw her felted encased  and beaded milk bottle.

IMG_4773  IMG_4806 IMG_4803 IMG_4799
Liz odd modelled her silk lap wrap. the color was glorious but unfortunately Liz cant wear wool, this does not stop her from producing exquisite products. Liz lso showed the group another wrap of 2 silk laps sandwiched together , Liz hand dyed the garment. a wonderful result.
the result of the retreat work from Beth was a lovely pompom scarf, Beth admitted that she had received lots of compliments  for her scarf.
Marion Finnergan produced a beautiful open lattice scarf and her learnings were laying and even design effect.

IMG_4795 IMG_4768 IMG_4711   IMG_4787
Kerry Bertucci was a workshop participant at Judi Barkla’s “encased Objects’ Workshop and  wrote the following “3 encased objects.
More techniques learnt-
Loose layers gentle wrapped and dry felted help solid objects to be felted without wrinkles….
thankyou Judi and all participants it was a pleasure to work with/from you all..
materials used:
Wool-white, Merino wool and mulberry silk, black beads
Time to make: 1 workshop
Please Note: as mentioned in the write up don’t stand still too long or we will encase your, it is very addictive!
IMG_4785 IMG_4781 IMG_4769 IMG_4766

IMG_4764 IMG_4756 IMG_4755 IMG_4749

Sue, Beth, Joan, Linda, Soosie, Martine & Chris.


Toss n Tell July by Marie Marshall (photos by Liz Odd)

After Judith Shaw’s generous, hugely entertaining and informative talk on how she has made a few hundred pairs of slippers over many years and telling us she never makes a sample or rarely does the same thing twice, we sat back to enjoy a lovely display of felting from other Feltwest members as we do each month. People arrive from far and wide to show and admire beautiful pieces of true art.


Recently members have been invited to display their felt pieces on a table on arrival and to provide a note on their technique or other relevant interesting comments. It is also lovely to “meet” the people who created them when the President invites each person to show their recent work. So in order of appearance: Judy Barkla not only showed us her beautiful, highly textured, silk dress, but gave a very positive account of our time at the May Retreat at Muresk, Northam encouraging all to attend in future and enjoy the wonderfully inspiring camaraderie that the lucky few have enjoyed.

JudyBarkla448 JudyBarkla449

Kerry Bertucci attended Sue Eslick’s bag making workshop and learnt many useful techniques including using cufflinks as fasteners! Jean McKenzie showed her bag from same workshop and slippers with bells on toes…so bright, zany and unique of course!  Marion Finneran’s chilli-red bag was a great learning experience but lots of improvisation added to the fabulous finished product’s design.  Karen Wood showed her finished pieces from the Retreat including a black scarf with fabulous texture a la Judy Barkla who in turn was inspired by Vilte originally. Karen also spoke of her experiences with resists for slippers and adding extra padding on heels – lots of tips from experienced feltmakers which continue to help us “newcomers”.

JeanMcKenzie416 JeanMcKenzie417 KarenWood450 KerryBertucci410   MarionFinneran406 MarionFinneran447 SaraQuail414 SueEslick407

Vera Sergeev is slowly bringing her felting passion into the workplace but this is quite a feat as she works alongside 2 and 3 yr olds! She is certainly a dedicated teacher of felting to harness such youthful enthusiasm. With her young helpers she created a most impressive colourful rug for a very lucky Teddy in the story she read to the children. They love sprinkling the water, working with bubble wrap and adding squares of prefelts. You can imagine the scene!  Sara Quail attended the bag workshop and created a great grey bag with pockets and commented also on the useful techniques and will do it again if Sue agrees to run another course!

VeraSergeev427 VeraSergeev428 VeraSergeev435

Lyn Blasgund made some fine baby clothes – a jacket using a resist and hat to match for one very lucky baby. Lynn also showed her grey bag with longer handles and commented on not only the fashion statement of all the bags created at Sue’s workshop but of the lovely cake and recipes shared on the day.

LynBlasgund412 LynBlasgund438

Juliet Hargreaves advised us not to throw anything away as off-cuts were very useful as embellishments in her magnificent vessels which were joined at the bases and yet could be separated into their 2 colourways to roll and felt. Fascinating and perhaps she can be persuaded to give a workshop showing in more detail just how she achieved such stunning results!

JulietHargreaves JulietHargreaves423 JulietHargreaves426

Sue Eslick’s blue spotty bag from Melbourne workshop with Atsuko Sasaki was the product of many hours work of rubbing and not rolling it seems. Such dedication! Louise Nidorf’s bag is a work in progress but thought we would find the surface stitching of interest which we did!

LouiseNidorf432  SueEslick441

Katrina Virgona spoke of Richard Woldendorp’s super special cash offer for his book “Out of the Blue” and told us about the current exhibition at Mundaring Arts Centre. Antoinette Boyd’s black cocktail dress was a stunner.

KatrinaVirgona433 KatrinaVirgona434

Margi Piesse suggested we be more aware of how helpful name tags can be for newcomers in particular and it was suggested we could make our own as some have done. Embellish with beads and embroidery and outdo everyone else. There’s a challenge for you! Maybe we could give a prize for best creation by year’s end?  Judi Barkla’s felt covered rocks were an indication of things to come..as she said, each rock has its own requirements and challenges (or not).

JudiBarkla421  JudiBarkla418 JudiBarkla419 JudiBarkla420

The throw which Alison Gomes whipped up (only joking, Alison spends many hours meticulously laying wool then rolling so carefully, painstakingly and in fact seems to have become a well known standard of measurement in the felting world especially when we refer to fine layers of wool!), started off the size of three and a half trestle tables, finished at what looked like less than one table length and was truly beautiful with such appealing colours and drape. Fantastic!


And last but definitely not least, was the lovely Judith Shaw excelling in not only slipper production and demos but showing us her thick wool coat made 30 years ago for the snow, with a most appropriate theme of the sea, ice and seaweed.