BOYD Teacozy

I chose this one as it reminded me of a Van Gough painting – it just needed some detail. It was very well made and the colours had been laid thoughtfully. What to do to it? I gathered all kinds of bits and bobs together and left them on my table hoping inspiration would leap out at me. And eventually it did, I took the Van Gough idea and tried to exaggerate the swirly flow of the wool whilst trying to keep the integrity of the piece. Now to the CPR:

1. I free machine embroidered it first – to give some depth to the felt.

2. Beaded the sunrise and sunset.

3. Coiled some jewellery wire and sewed them onto the clouds for texture.

4. Twirled some copper sheet strips and glued them on.

5. Cut some more sheet into squares and glued them on.

Next post the Purple Bag.

The pronounced dead original. Nice colours and thoughtful design but lacked some ophm. Very well felted – evenly laid, fully fulled and strong.
First the free machine stitching. I wanted fine dense stitching so chose machine over hand stitching.


Back of cozy.


After all the stitching it still needed some more ophm. So on with some beads. It needed more texture – metal of course! Thin strips of fine sheet metal twirled around a satay stick.


The pattern on the back meant the twirls didn’t suit, so i cut them into “squares”. I used “tacky” craft glue to attach them.


Detail front.

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  1. Great effect,congratulations

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