Bagstyle workshop by Sue Eslick, review by Marion Finneran

The first day started with 7 enthusiastic members who were all oblivious to the cold and very wet weather outside. Another member only came for the second day due to injury.

Sue started by explaining the technical construction of various bags on display. All the bags are made on a resist and used variable layers in the process.

Once a design had been chosen, a resist pattern was drawn from which a resist was made. Thereafter the resist pattern was referred to once the actual resist was covered with the wool.

Sue guided the group through the various stages of  laying the wool including the options of applying the surface decoration at the beginning or at the end of this stage.


The work was then wet down and rolled until it had reached  the pre-felt stage. Many tips and much advice was shared en route.

Once the felt had reached the stage at which the resist could be removed, then the exciting part of cutting the felt  began. Gradually the bag was stretched, massaged and manipulated into shape until the felt was very firm and the bag was a pleasing symmetrical shape.






The 2nd day was  devoted to the final fulling, and hardening of the felt, as well as the fitting of  handles, clasps, cords and the final shaping.

It was a very successful workshop.  Each participant was thrilled with their own very individual bag and left having learned many new techniques in the process.