Vimol Imsanguan presented a wonderfully busy workshop on her soft figure needle felting techniques.

The day started with learning the basics about needles, wool and essential techniques. A 3D ladybug was created with Vimol demonstrating how to create the main body shape with additional detail of eyes, feelers and legs. Her tips and tricks were were very effective and intriguing.

Moving on to making birds with wings, it wasn’t long before a flock of birds had been created, all as individual as their makers.

Fairies were the theme for the afternoon. With much more complexity with arms, hair, wings and ‘dressing’ the fairy, this was more time consuming. The never-ending details that could be added had participants enthralled at Vimol’s ingenuity.

This was an exciting workshop packed full of ideas that also highlighted the versatility and scope of working with wool fibre. Most participants were new to needle felting, but all went away with an array of creatures and loads of inspiration.

Thank you Vimol.

FeltWEST at the Perth Royal Show – inviting all members


Following our successful stall at the WA Craft Show, FeltWEST will have a large stand at the Perth ROYAL SHOW. We will be showcasing AND selling hand-felted items made by our members. There will also be daily felting demonstrations, and of course it is a great opportunity to promote our group.  

The dates for the Perth Royal Show are September 22-29

ALL members of FeltWEST are invited to participate – and we hope you will! Come volunteer a few hours of your time or have your work included the FeltWEST display and Pop-Up Shop. Any type of felted artworks are welcome: think wearables, fashion accessories, 2D and 3D items of any scale. From floor rugs to jewellery, footwear, hats, lampshades, scarves and wraps, bags…and much more. The works can be functional, decorative, sculptural – anything goes! The only requirement is that works must be predominantly hand-felted (wet felting, needle felting or machine felting), and be fully finished ready for display. Here is your chance to get out all your handmade felted products that you have been hoarding and sell them before Xmas. We would like as many members as possible to share in this one off opportunity.

The fine print?  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4)

1.There is NO limit to the number of items that can be submitted per person – the more the merrier! (ie. it is  the perfect time to clear your cupboards of finished works, and make some sales in time for Christmas…)

2. Entry fee is $25 per person – this low, flat fee covers all overheads incurred by FeltWEST in advertising, setting up and running the stand for 8 days. It also includes special sales tags, and wrapping materials for sales (bags, tissue paper), all displaying the FeltWEST logo

3. All works entered must be for sale and a 15% commission applies (This is paid by Feltwest to the Royal Agricultural Society WA)

4. All we ask in return is that you volunteer for two 6-hour shifts on the FeltWEST stand during the 8 days of the Show. Entry tickets to the Show (value $25 each) will be made available free of charge to all volunteers – and you are VERY welcome to volunteer even if you decided to not enter your work. It takes a lot of people to look after a large stand at a busy event, BUT…it will be a lot of fun! Come JOIN US.                                                                                                                                                                      

Download your Royal Show Entry Form for the FeltWEST display. The form also contains our contact information in case you have any questions. 

Regular updates will be provided at the August and September meetings and via E-newsletters. The main date for your diary is Saturday September 15 (meeting day) when all works are due (or September 18 at the very latest if you are not able to attend the meeting).

Happy Felting and Creating!

The Perth Royal Show ‘working party’ (Kerry Bertucci, Sue Eslick, Lenore Fairfield, Marion Finneran, Peta Korb, Jean McKenzie, Sara Quail, Martien van Zuilen, and Clare Wohlnick).