August TnT & AGM by Lyn Blasgund

Following the AGM  for 2015, the members were eager to show the results of their wonderful felting.

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Soosie Jobson  brought in her amazing cactus garden (in felt of course) to show what can be achieved  with  complex resists. This was also a preview of what participants can produce when they attend her workshop of October 2nd and 3rd.

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The President thanked Liz Odd for her efforts in doing the ‘clean up ‘ of Alexander craft house.
There are still places available for the Bali Retreat.
The york Bazaar and fibre’s west info is included in the E newsletter.
Martine from Fibres West  attended the day and had felting materials for sale  and also displayed her amazing rugs.  Matine will be running a rug making workshop next year, so watch out  for the dates of this workshop as places and limited. Martien Van Zuilen also displayed her nuno felt wraps and scarves, and her learnings were identified as placement and finishing.

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  • July Barkla advised that she will do a write up on her encased objects workshop.
  • The dates published  in the Feltwest retrospective magazine were printed incorrectly,  Soosie’s workshop in Oct 2nd and 3rd and Nancy’s Hanky Panky workshop is Nov 6 and 7.  Antoinette Boyd who does a fabulous job in publishing the Retrospective, will only be doing this for one more year and has asked for anyone who has skills in publishing to volunteer to replace her at the end of the year.
  • The Fremantle stall for Feltwest is on 4-6th December.  Those members who wish to have their items for sale should have them checked by the committee members for quality  and advice if further felting of these items are required.  we want to show the best products to the general public.
  • Soosie announced that FeltWest have secured the Central TAFE’s art gallery for an exhibition in 2016 the Exhibition will run for 3 weeks  and the theme will be along the lines of MARO|micro”. Each meeting of Toss n Tell, the members will discuss the progress of this exciting opportunit

Toss n Tell items.
Sue Eslick   modeled yet another glorious hat (you wear them so well)
Vianne Sleypen showed off her beanie entry  and announced her disappointment of not winning. We all think you are a winner Vianne.

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Pat Kendall showed her scarf which was combining silk and wool, lovely colour combinations!
Judi Barkla showed her cute little felted rocks and showed what happens with micro laying  over tiny rocks when some burst through and others don’t fully felt.  Very tactile and lovely to play with in your hands (Meditation rocks?) and to follow on we saw her felted encased  and beaded milk bottle.

IMG_4773  IMG_4806 IMG_4803 IMG_4799
Liz odd modelled her silk lap wrap. the color was glorious but unfortunately Liz cant wear wool, this does not stop her from producing exquisite products. Liz lso showed the group another wrap of 2 silk laps sandwiched together , Liz hand dyed the garment. a wonderful result.
the result of the retreat work from Beth was a lovely pompom scarf, Beth admitted that she had received lots of compliments  for her scarf.
Marion Finnergan produced a beautiful open lattice scarf and her learnings were laying and even design effect.

IMG_4795 IMG_4768 IMG_4711   IMG_4787
Kerry Bertucci was a workshop participant at Judi Barkla’s “encased Objects’ Workshop and  wrote the following “3 encased objects.
More techniques learnt-
Loose layers gentle wrapped and dry felted help solid objects to be felted without wrinkles….
thankyou Judi and all participants it was a pleasure to work with/from you all..
materials used:
Wool-white, Merino wool and mulberry silk, black beads
Time to make: 1 workshop
Please Note: as mentioned in the write up don’t stand still too long or we will encase your, it is very addictive!
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Sue, Beth, Joan, Linda, Soosie, Martine & Chris.