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Your workshop is in one week. If you have any queries about the content of the workshop please email Katrina For all other inquires please contact the Workshop Co-ordinator feltwest.workshops@gmail.com

Materials List

    • Olive oil soap
    • Water sprinkler (bring whatever you usually use. I use the Ball Brause)
    • Wool tops 100-150gm. Mixed colours that work well together. I use fine merino but use whatever you prefer. It’s unlikely you’ll use 150gm. It depends how big you work and how fast!
    • Small sharp pointy scissors are essential. Do not forget these!! They must be small like nail scissors (but not curved like nail scissors) to cut small holes.
    • Bubble wrap ‘placemats’ x 2 per person. Dimensions approx. 45cm x 55cm
    • Non-slip mat x 1 per person (30cm x 35cm) – the sort that goes under carpet
    • Synthetic netting (or preferred fabric) to cover wool when wetting down (A3-ish size)
    • Small rolling tool (e.g., dowel rod or pvc pipe 30-40cm). I’ll bring spare of these.
    • Towel for under the work area
    • Hand towel
    • Sponge
    • Open container for water e.g., yoghurt container 1 litre size
    • Threads (various gauge) to complement wools.
    • Needles (small to large eye openings to accommodate different threads)
    • Pins (just a few to hold shapes while felt dries)
    Optional Extras:
    • Invisible thread (not essential if you have other threads)
    • Pebbles (small smooth stones/ no jagged edges), small spherical balls (polystyrene or similar approx. 3-5cm) for felting around if you wish to experiment. I’ll also bring some honky nuts to felt around.