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Felt & Stitch – Nuno & Beyond

Your workshop is in one week. If you have any queries about the content of the workshop please email Alison for all other inquires please contact the Workshop Co-ordinator feltwest.workshops@gmail.com

Materials List

    Spend a little time before the workshop to loosely decide on a colour palette for your scarf and bring along materials in your chosen colours. This doesn’t mean everything has to match, but rather work in harmony.
    • Wool: Superfine Australian Merino wool, 18.5 micron, approximately 75-100 grams in 2-3 colours of your choice.
    • Silk fabric: Tissue, paj, georgette. Cotton voile (optional). Pieces of varying size from as large as ½ metre, to smaller bits. Also bring along some longer pieces to cut strips from. These can be plain or printed. (Always a good idea to check that your fabrics are colour-fast.)
    • Threads/yarns: Bring what you have… wool, cotton, silk and a few synthetic ones to try. Ranging from medium thickness upwards… think tapestry wool yarn, some knitting crochet yarns, skeined embroidery threads, perle threads, twines, fabric selvedges, and anything else you would like to try.
    • Needles: 1-2 large eye needles (try threading your chosen yarns through them to check if they will do).
    • Fabric scissors and thread snips.
    • Felting gear: Bubble wrap (approximately 2.5mts long x 0.75mts wide).
    • Polyester netting (similar size), old sheer curtains will do.
    • Water spraying bottle/brauser, or whatever you use to wet your work
    • 2-3 old towels.
    • Olive oil or other natural soap.
    • ½ length pool noodle.
    • Any felting tool if you have one (optional).
    • Bucket or tub to carry wet work.