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Hello reader
It was lovely to see such great attendance at the AGM last Saturday - it was a great meeting as we had a very important announcement to make.

As you can imagine most of our promotional and/or selling opportunities for the foreseeable future have either been cancelled or dramatically reduced in scope. We know that many of you have been making felt in preparation for the Royal Show but that opportunity is also not available this year. The committee has put their collective heads together and we have decided to hold our own -

Feltwest Christmas Bazaar.

We have booked Craft House for a 2.5 day festival of felt in 4th - 6th December and we think that if we all help promote the event we can make it a huge success - indeed, if we do it right we can make it an annual event.

Put it in your diary now! 4th - 6th December Friday to Sunday.

It will be held along the lines of all the past selling opportunities - where our collective items are presented in a united fashion as opposed to individual felters with their own stalls. The items would be delivered at the Christmas Party with the usual administrative requirements. There will be a small commission taken by Feltwest for administrative costs. We are also seeking sub-committee to administer the event. So get making!

We have a marketing plan in place with avenues like social media, community notice boards, the City of Sterling, web sites, local radio & media, printed and electronic flyers & posters, and other associations/groups - if you have an avenue to spread the word please let us know. We got some great ideas from the Membership at the AGM including a fashion parade as part of the event - stay tuned.

But what we need right now is promotional material to start our advertising campaigns.

One of the key things to making this a success is social media like Facebook and Instagram - I know many of us have profiles in one or both of these portals - can you imagine the reach if we all post about our event? To assist your efforts with social media we are asking for your good quality images of your work. We will then edit them and return them to you in a variety of size requirements (specifically for FB & Insta) to upload to your profile. Things like images and text for you to post and make your cover page. Whilst we have several thousand followers on the Feltwest FB page - there must be many more thousands amongst all of us. We know by the amazing sales we attain at other venues that we do have a following - we just need to let them know when and where!

We will also have electronic information packs available to send to others - for example if you are in another social group and they are willing to mention us in a newsletter or email. There will also be printed flyers and posters for distribution to places like community noticeboards. And of course keep sharing the Feltwest FB event to your profile.

What we need from you now is good quality images of your work - it does not have to be items that are going to be for sale they can be pieces from the past - as long as it is good quality image. If you already have some excellent - send them in. If you don't - here's some tips:

  • Using your phone is perfect!
  • A plain background works best.
  • Natural light works best and is easiest to fix.
  • Try portrait & landscape
  • Try different perspectives - from the side, overhead or on an angle
  • Take some close up and further away
  • Groups of items are great
  • Images from other events too!

Simply email me the images at feltwest.president@gmail.com and I will return the files back to you with a suggested schedule for posting. If you have any questions or ideas please let us know. Lets all work together to make this a bright spot in our 2020 felting calendar.

Cheers Soosie