Feltwest Christmas Bazaar

Opening Night Friday 4th December

Bazaar Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th December

10 Weeks to go...

Good morning reader
Hope you have a lovely weekend planned and are making loads of felt. This eNews will arrive every Friday till the Christmas Bazaar with text, image, and hash tags for you to post onto your Facebook and Instagram accounts. It would be brilliant if we can get to our loyal shopping followers that would expect us to be at the Royal Show and other events. The following instructions will appear at the bottom of each eNews for you to refer to but each week's image, text and hash tags will be at the top.

Of course you are very welcome to use your own images - please just make sure they are good quality. The text consists of 2 parts - the first is the commentary that will change each week. The second part is the "slug" and hash tags that should be used every time you post about the bazaar.

Why do this?

The more of us that use the hash tags the higher up the feed the posts will appear. Of course you are welcome to add more if you wish - there is a limit of 30 per post. If the slug is repeated often enough it will stick and people will associate it with us. Yay!

Hope this is clear if you have any questions you can email and I will endeavour to help. Its 10 weeks today...

Cheers Soosie


Facebook - There are 2 ways to get this info onto your page.

1. The Simplest Way

By far the easiest is to share the Event and then each week share the event discussion post, where I will post the same text, image and hash tags each week. This will help spread the event with all of the details across Facebook. Here are the instructions:
Go to the Feltwest FB Page and click on Events
Scroll down till you see the Feltwest Christmas Bazaar - it will be the last of the current events and click on the link

To share the event:

Click the share arrow and follow the prompts to share it on your timeline. Well done!

To share the new posts each week:

Click on the discussion link and it will take you to the discussion posts.
Scroll down till you find the share button and follow the prompts to share it on your timeline. Excellent!

2. A little more effort

Copy the text, slug and hash tags and paste to a new post on your Facebook page.
Download the image from the eNews. This will vary depending on what type of email program you use. It will either be a download or save as instruction. Trying clicking on it or right mouse click on it. Then upload it to your new Facebook post. Then publish. Great job.

This weeks image:


This week's text:

Feltwest members have been making high quality felt items for nearly 25 years now and over the years we have sold our wares at various events and markets but like many things this year the dreaded COVID has put a stop to many of these opportunities. But we will not be deterred! We are holding our very own #feltwestchristmasbazaar and hope that our loyal followers will join us

Slug and Hash tags to use every time.

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th for our inaugural Feltwest Christmas Bazaar.
Hand crafted high quality accessories, garments and homewares in wool & silk.
Direct from the makers.
Unique Artisan designs.
Hand made in Western Australia.
Shop local buy local.
#feltwestchristmasbazaar #handmadewithlove #handcrafted #madeinWA #madeinwesternaustralia #handmade #perthnow #perthtodo #giftsforher #accessories #handcrafted #felting #felt #needlefelting #feltart #woolart #needlefelt #feltcraft #felted #gifts #giftideas #shoplocal #fashion #christmas #handmadegifts

Instagram - this is a little trickier

Instagram is designed to only be used via your phone. If you are able - transfer the image to your phone - this depends on what type of phone you have. If this proves difficult (and it probably will) then use an image of your felt from your phone and use the slug and hash tags every time you post.
I typed the text into a note app on my phone and copy and past them into Instagram each time - this saves you typing it over and over.