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Studio Detritus Wraps

with Soosie Jobson

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Hi girls
Just a quick note about tomorrow and the heat. It is going to be hot tomorrow which means Craft House will be hot too, but - City of Stirling has purchased some rather large evaporative air conditioners (affectionately known as either the Darths or Monster Trucks you'll understand when you see them 😉) which will cool the room down but not to the extent of an installed reverse cycle air conditioner - so to mitigate the heat we will have plenty ice and cold water for drinking. Another cooling method is a hand towel or face washer to wet and use around your neck or were ever you wish to put them 😊 so chuck one in your stash.

I have an idea how to re-arrange the usual timetable of the day so we may use the air conditioned studio as much as possible. The Craft House committee have very generously encouraged us to use the studio even though we haven't booked it. I think we will be fine.
Hope you're packing now! 😊
See you tomorrow.
Soosie xx

Good morning lovely ladies!
Thank you for booking my workshop it should be a great day of felting and fun. If you have any question about the materials list please phone or email me - I am happy to talk. I would just like to say one thing about the resist size - in the Materials List further down - 1.2 mtrs wide x 1.25mtrs long - this is for this style - it is a shorter vest:
If you would like to make a longer one then you need a longer resist. If you are not sure bring more and you can try on some of my varying length vests to make a decision. Like these:
Medium length
Long length
Off centre and angled!

Call me if you need guidance.



Congratulations you have successfully booked your workshop and we look forward to seeing you. If you have any queries about the content of the workshop please email the tutor for all other inquires please contact the Workshop Co-ordinator feltwest.workshops@gmail.com

Materials List

First rule in Studio Detritus – don’t buy anything! If possible. If you don’t have something on the list bring extra of something else and do a swap with another participant. Don’t be tempted to bring your entire studio - bring things in a colourway – they don’t all have to be the same colour - try for 3 complimentary or contrasting colours with black and/or white. Sometimes too many choices are worse than too few.
If you feel up for a challenge grab random stuff – yes random - don’t colour co-ordinate. It’s a great exercise for your creativity and sharing.

The only thing I would recommend is that you have one unifying thing - if you have heaps of silk or fabric scraps then use a single colour wool to unify it. Or if you have loads of wool scraps and perhaps a piece of silk big enough use that. But don't stress! In the end bring what you have and buy what you need.

Please call me if you have any doubts, questions or worries!


Resist Material a piece approx. 1.2 mtrs wide x 1.25mtrs long - Unless you wish to make your wrap/vest longer then make you need a resist longer.
Silk fabrics – all of your scrap and leftover pieces – we are aiming for 2.5 metres in total. Can be mixed colours and silk types.
Embellishments – silk fibre, yarns, prefelts, felt scraps
Threads & Needles for prefelt and post fulling stitching.
Wool approx. 150gms total
Your normal felting gear. Including 2 pieces of plastic approx. 1.5mtrs long and 1.5 mtrs wide. You enough plastic to cover your piece both sides for rolling.
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