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November Toss n Tell - Christmas Party

Our last meeting for 2023 is our annual Christmas Party this Saturday 10:00am

We would like to do a little charity fund raiser, and keeping in the season - we would like you to make a Christmas decoration and we will sell them off.
November Toss n Tell - Christmas Party
10:00 Open Library No borrowing only returns.
10:30am Toss n Tell - News and events. Bring your latest piece of felt.
11:30am Lunch prep. Then the feasting!

Please return all Library items.
We would love to see you all to celebrate the year we have had and to give you a sneak preview of what's to come in 2024.

Bring along:

  • A plate to share
  • Some flowers for the table
  • Your favourite piece of Christmas felt or just your favourite piece of felt to show
  • And your lovely selves!
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The 2024 calendar is filling up.

Sara’s Cobweb Scarf workshop sold out in 10 days! If you would like to be on a waiting list – in case of any cancellations – please email feltwest.vicepresident@gmail.com.

We are very pleased to announce that our own master needle felter Peta Korb is teaching her fabulous Eastern Barred Bandicoot.
This 2 day workshop will give you great needle felting skills including wire armatures. The cost of the workshop includes all the fibre and wire required to complete the project. Details further down.

Discovery Days 2024 - First Tuesdays

In 2024 we are going to be discovering polymer clay and will start in April as Soosie is away during Feb & Mar. The full schedule is now published. Don’t worry if you can’t attend all of the sessions Soosie will quickly catch you up.

As a special event Sara will be holding a Discovering Versatile Viscose mini workshop in March, as this is a free workshop it is strictly for Members only so there won’t be a bundle. Bookings for both are now open and for full details scroll down.
We are just getting started on 2024 and we have more fabulous events planned. Stay tuned there is a doozy coming.

See you Saturday


A 2 day needle felting workshop Create a Eastern Barred Bandicoot in a two day workshop with textile artist Peta Korb of Country Chicks Creations. Peta first created an Eastern Barred Bandicoot for a short film and has designed this workshop for beginners or those wanting to expand their knowledge of needle felting and creating with wire armatures, building and …

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Discovery Days - Starting April 2024

Discovery Days

Poly Clay Play Days

We will explore the fundamentals of polymer clay along with 3 exciting techniques that will allow us to compose beautiful buttons, toggles, beads, focal pieces and fasteners for felted wearables. Participants will be able to make a variety of items from the included clay depending on their choices.
For example the included clay made these combinations 8 buttons of varying sizes, a closing ring, buckle tie and spear.
But! These are the types of fasteners you can chose to make:
You may decide to make bigger pieces but less of them, or smaller ones and more of them - all depending on your requirements.

Skills covered: Conditioning clay, Skinner blends, Stroppel patterns, Complex canes, and texture application. Fastener types and purposes.

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Discovery: Versatile Viscose with Sara Quail

Tuesday March 5th 10am - 1pm

Discovery:  Versatile Viscose  with Sara Quail
Following on from her September demo showcasing a myriad of ways to use viscose, join Sara for a more in depth session about the use of this very versatile fibre. She will be happy to explain and guide you in detail through a variety of techniques. Sara will bring around 30 viscose samples that include: Marbling, making viscose paper, graphic designs, textured elements, cobweb and faux nuno. 
Significant variations are also achievable just by using different ratios of viscose and wool. If you haven’t worked with decorative fibre before, there is nothing quite like giving it a go to see if you like the result
Sara has utilised viscose extensively in her own work and will be very happy to discuss and share her knowledge and discoveries. This will be an informal and unstructured session based on the interest of the participants on the day. For making smallish samples, bring your normal felting kit as well as small carders or a dog brush if you have one.
This is an opportunity to utilise your wool odds and ends, as minimal wool will be required. The techniques suit a variety of decorative fibres, so bring any viscose, other plant fibre or silk fibre you may have. Viscose packs will be available to purchase on the day.
As Sara’s Unicorns are heading for greener pastures in 2024, available stock of viscose may be limited, but remaining stock will be heavily discounted. Cash preferred.
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Contact Us

President Liz Owens - feltwest.president@gmail.com
Vice President Soosie Jobson - feltwest.vicepresident@gmail.com
Treasurer Claire Russell - feltwest.treasurer@gmail.com
Secretary Jo Ganon - feltwest.secretary@gmail.com
Workshop Co-ordinator feltwest.workshops@gmail.com
Skill Extension & Beginners Sue Eslick feltwest.eventscalendar@gmail.com

Detailed contacts list available here

Feel free to forward this eNews to any like minded people who might like the opportunity to meet felters, learn and share new skills and generally do all things felty.
If you are not a member of Feltwest you are missing out on amazing workshops from experienced local, interstate and international tutors, and heaps of event opportunities like exhibitions and markets. Sound good? Join here:

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