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Hello reader
Morning Discoverers!
We are continuing to discover! In the past couple of DDs we have started botanical printing with some excellent results. Next we will start to use combinations of the techniques we have tried, which means we can do any of the following:
  • reuse the samples we have already shiboried to print on them or re-stitch and over dye them
  • start some new ones with a plan to print, stitch or resist 'em, or any combo there of!
  • Don't forget those beautiful watercolour papers we dyed - they make great resists and change the colour of prints, or make some more.
  • How about trying some 3D pieces - make some small vessels or bags as Shibori takes on a whole other facet when you can encase stuff as well.
Mmm got you thinking yet?

I know some of you have been torn between Skill Extension workshops and our DDs but not to worry - always chose the Skill Extensions as this was always the intention - that you can pick up DDs when ever you can. To this end I will continue to take your prepared items home and dye them for you. Its easier for everyone and to be honest watching a dye bath isn't exactly what I would call fun!

DDs will run for the rest of this year - including December and I will continue to do the dyebaths at home throughout next year too. What ever we decide to do in next year's DDs (may be polymer clay) its easy to setup the steamer and pop your items in.

DDs are all about doing in a relaxed and casual manner - stress is banned!

See you next week.

PS there is a plie of dyed items in the admin cupboard just waiting to be unwrapped!

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