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Colour Play with Alison Gomes

Congratulations you have successfully booked your workshop and we look forward to seeing you. If you have any queries about the content of the workshop please email the tutor for all other inquires please contact the Workshop Co-ordinator feltwest.workshops@gmail.com
Alison will have sample packs for sale at $12 - please email her if you would like to purchase one before September 30th.

Pre-Workshop Home work

Participants are requested to spend some time thinking about the materials they bring along.
Choose a range of colours of wool, silk fabrics, cotton fabrics and other embellishing materials, in order to give yourself the best scope to explore colour combinations and move beyond your usual colour choices.
Please ensure your fine/superfine merino wool is reasonably fresh and unmatted so that we don’t spend precious workshop time trying to work with older wool.
Check for colour-fastness of all fabrics, and ensure they are silk or cotton. (Synthetic fabrics (even some blends), may or may not attach when hand-felting, and will take much longer)
* Wool - 18.5 to 19 micron, merino wool. Please bring along at least 10 different colours of wool, these can be in quantities ranging from 10 to 50gms each.
(The more colours you have, the more you’ll be able to experiment with colour combinations.)
I plan to bring along several colours of wool, individually packaged in small quantities, available for those who’d like to purchase additional colours on the day.

* Fine silk, cotton and viscose fabrics - anything ranging from 5 - 50 cm pieces, to use in our samples. Please include a variety of colours, (plains and prints if possible,) to add more visual interest.

* Yarns - A variety of silk, cotton and even some synthetic yarns will do. Again, bring a range of colours.

* Your stash of embroidery threads - the thicker the better as thinner ones may not be as effective on felt.

* A variety of hand-sewing needles, preferably with larger eyes to accommodate thicker threads and yarns.

* Old things that you don’t mind cutting up: silk scarves, silk/cotton tops, bits of lacy fabric or other ‘holey’ fabrics, etc

* Bubble wrap, approx 2mts x 75cms
* Thin painter’s drop sheet plastic
* Soft synthetic/polyester netting (like an old sheer curtain); about same size as bubble wrap
* Bar of natural soap, (like olive oil soap), and an ice cream container for water
* Towels - 2 old bath towels and a couple of rags/Chux wipes, to mop up spills/excess water
* Plastic bag/ball brause/water sprinkler
* A small bucket/tub to take home wet things
* A pair of old stockings
* A pool noodle, half length would be good
* Your lunch and a name tag, if you have one

Optional/Bring along if you have:
* A felting tool
* Felting tray/paint roller tray
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