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Hello reader
The scarf is one of the humblest pieces of clothing but it is also one of the longest serving, it has been documented since the Ancient Egyptian times. The scarf has kept us warm, aided our modesty, and mopped our sweat. But besides these functional aspects it has also marked the wearer in some way. The scarf has indicated rank, position, allegiance, and class. It is used in ceremony, ritual and rites. The scarf is timeless.
A focal point of our 2022 Exhibition Marks Over Time will be the collaborative work in the Timeless installation. Timeless is an exhibition within an exhibition with a contribution from every exhibition participant. It will be an installation of hanging scarves all made in greyscale, black to white, and of a similar size 1500mm x 200mm. They can made with any felting technique and embellished using any textile technique but the only colours are black through to white and any grey in between. The scarves will be hung so that viewers can walk through them like a forest.
All proceeds from the sale of the Timeless scarves will be our fund raising event for 2022.

This Toss n Tell is an opportunity to make your scarf together with our Membership in a truly collaborative project. Bring your felting gear and lets do it together.

egyptian scarf

We will still have our Toss n Tell chat so bring the projects you have been working on and let's see those magical slippers!

Talking about the exhibition we now have finalised dates from Gallery Central which have been published in detail on the web site. How are your pieces going? If you might be stuck or need some inspiration there are several articles and posts from our Toss n Tell sessions published on the web site that may help. You are also most welcome to come and talk about it.

See you Saturday

You can find them and all the key information under Members in the menu.

Library News

We have 2 new books in the library.
image1 (1)
Published by Fashion Designer Jenny Hill in 2019. She provides 7 Tutorial approach projects using Nuno Felting. Her introduction states that she particularly wishes to reach out to people in communities who do not have easy access to workshops. This is a step by step beautiful book with a project for a beginner such as the gorgeous marbled scarf with fringe and more experienced felters interested in a luxurious Felt gown with Sequins and silk Ruching. Jenny also has a section explaining her inspirational thinking process behind her fashion collections and collects fabrics based on her theme from all over the USA and Europe. Photos from a felted fashion photo shoot complete the book. Well worth a look at this book for additional inspiration on our own felting journeys.
image0 (1)
This book was published in 2020. Catherine combines her passion for knitting with her love of felting. Instead of completely needle felting an animal, this approach uses knitting an animal body, then using wet felting of the body to make it “ more realistic” and then stuffing and sewing it up as well as needle felting eyes, mouths and other tweaks to the gorgeous animals created. The book explains every step of producing 20 animal projects ( such as “ Twiglet the Koala”) . It is a delightful book, with fabulous photos and inspiring me to try something a little different!

Now Open for Bookings

Hanky Panky with Nancy Ballesteros

Hanky Panky with Nancy Ballesteros

a workshop with Nancy Ballesteros

This 2 day workshop will explore a unique abstract painterly-like method of working with Silk Hankies. Feltmakers first impressions of Silk Hankies are usually one of frustration. Learn how to transform this experience into creative bliss. Silk Hankies possess unique properties which create gloriously lustrous and textural surfaces when laminated with minimal amounts of superfine …

Read more
Feel free to forward this eNews to any like minded people who might like the opportunity to meet felters, learn and share new skills and generally do all things felty.
If you are not a member of Feltwest you are missing out on amazing workshops from experienced local, interstate and international tutors, and heaps of event opportunities like exhibitions and markets. Sound good? Join here:

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