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Hello reader
Sharn's Magical Slipper workshop certainly turned out some Magic Slippers. It was hard work but worth every joule of effort with excellent results. Sharn is a fantastic tutor and Judy was a brilliant host who has written up a lovely summary with some great pics. Scroll down to see.

Speaking of Hosts - do you know about our Host program? Hosts assist our tutors, look after the participants and generally ensure the smooth running of the day and get to observe the workshop in exchange. If you would like to be a host please email our Workshop Co-ordinator and have a chat. feltwest.workshops@gmail.com
We have added more spots to Soosie's Raising the Surface workshop as it sold out in 2 days - be quick these spots will go quickly too. Its a great price and a fab way to get back into felting. Full details below.
It's not too late to book in for a Beginners workshop March 19th and plenty of time for Multi Resist Mini Vessels April 5th
Next Toss n Tell is our Timeless Scarf Collaboration Day - come and make your scarf in a true collaborative effort amongst like minded felters. Felting commences at 9:30 more in the next eNews.
The Bunbury Felting Group are showcasing their artistic skill in a colourful and creative display using the Matryoshka Doll shape and Australian merino wool to interpret the idiom “Tied to the Apron Strings”.
If you're looking for a weekend get away Bunbury Felters are having an Exhibition starting April 8th at the Stirling Street Art Centre.

Have a great weekend.

Studio Detritus: Raising the Surface with Soosie Jobson

Studio Detritus: Raising the Surface with Soosie Jobson
You may choose to focus on one or two techniques or explore them all, making one sample or a plethora of them. As we are working small you could achieve many of these techniques in one day. Your day – your choice. We will also explore various ways of documenting your samples for future reference. As with all Studio Detritus workshops, we challenge you to use only what you have, or can share, or swap.

Studio Detritus is an ongoing series of workshops that focus on using what we have rather than acquiring more, yet getting more in the end. Soosie has been a practicing felt and textile artist for over 30 years and has won awards, prizes, and been featured in many exhibitions and publications around the world.

Experience Level: All welcome.

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Raising the surface of your felt creates texture, depth and interest. Over the years felters have pushed the boundaries of embellishing felt finding new and innovative ways whilst using a range of materials and methods. In this one day workshop we will make samples exploring the many techniques available to us whilst using treasures from our stashes, found items, and/or repurposing those UFOs (UnFinished Objects).
We will explore
  • fabric, painting and stitching options used before laying wool
  • Inclusions – feltable and non feltable
  • Bubbles, frills, folds & ruffles
  • Negative resists
  • Negative space
  • Reverse Nuno
  • Differential shrinkage patterns and ghostly affects
  • Topping with fibres, yarns, paper and felt
  • Adding horns, spikes, handles and loops
  • Shibori shaping & stitching at various felting phases for texture, loops, plaits & tails
  • Embroidery stitches for height and style

Magical Felted Wool Slippers!

Workshop with Sharn Bruere 5/6 March 2022

Under the experienced eyes of tutor Sharn, twelve enthused participants embarked on their slipper making journey. Over two days many skills were learnt and/or employed. The ‘art’ of foot measuring, applying maths to calculate expected shrinkage rates and resist drafting and cutting amongst others. Along with copious amounts of soap and water, and the inevitable and mostly energetic rolling, rolling, rolling, twelve unique and colourful pairs of slippers were laid out, rolled and pummelled, cut and tried on.
Lots of comradery as participants shared tools, lasts, techniques and tables. And whilst there were no battery sanders present (perhaps lamented?!), stones, hammers, and other miscellaneous tools were seen to be employed to shrink and reduce the many wool layers to the required fit. This quote from one experienced participant : “I’ve never used so much wool for a such a small item” gives some indication of the effort need to tame the thick layers into submission.
Did we mention lots of soap and water were needed? Sharn was very supportive and hands on, sharing knowledge and tips. Participants appreciated Sharn’s tireless efforts as she actively helped individuals to turn, shape and size their creations.
The extensive workouts resulted in a great array of fun and cosy looking customised slippers! Even a couple of baby pairs squeezed in. Thanks Sharn!
Feel free to forward this eNews to any like minded people who might like the opportunity to meet felters, learn and share new skills and generally do all things felty.
If you are not a member of Feltwest you are missing out on amazing workshops from experienced local, interstate and international tutors, and heaps of event opportunities like exhibitions and markets. Sound good? Join here:

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