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Studio Detritus: Raising the Surface with Soosie Jobson

Congratulations you have successfully booked your workshop and we look forward to seeing you. If you have any queries about the content of the workshop please email the tutor for all other inquires please contact the Workshop Co-ordinator feltwest.workshops@gmail.com

Materials List

First rule in Studio Detritus – don’t buy anything! If you don’t have something on the list bring extra of something else and do a swap with another participant. Bring your entire studio – this is a workshop where more is more and is much better.

To make the most of these samples bring a variety of materials, whether it is fabric or fibres, remember anything goes. If unsure we can always give it a go.
Wool – Bring what you have. But, if you don’t have any “fresh” wool – wool that can be easily laid - then please buy some, 100gm (approx. $15-$20) would be enough for quite a few samples. But! Bring your old wool as that can also be used. Any colour, any type, any micron.
Silk – at least some pieces of various silks like mesh, fine chiffon, paj, tissue, habotai etc I will have a scrap bag but a couple of pieces about 30cm x 30cm would be great. Why different kinds? You get different effects.
Fabric & Fibres – all of your scrap or leftover pieces. All types – synthetics, cotton, silk, shiny, metallic, paper – feltable (wool will penetrate) and non feltable (wool won’t penetrate) we have a purpose for both.
Felt & Prefelt - scraps and leftovers – for example past projects that you’re not happy with – we can cut them up! They can be on any felting scale from weak prefelts all the way to mega fulled.
Bits & Bobs – in other words treasures, maybe a bead or a button. Or ribbon, cord, string things you might not associate with felting. Something that might create a texture.
Resist Material – just scrap bits, remember we are working small. There will be a sharing bag with small pieces available.
Felting Gear. - Your normal equipment - whatever you use to make felt, but don’t forget - plastic or bubblewrap to cover your table and to handle the samples. A bucket for wet samples, 2-3 towels. Rechargeable sanders are allowed but we are working small so rolling and hand rubbing should suffice.
Other Equipment
Sharp scissors, needle and strong thread – like waxed linen or fine string - if you wish to do the Shibori shaping
Pen & notebook or Tablet or Smart Phone – or all of them.

Anything else you like!

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