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COVID 19 Rules as at Feb 3rd

  • Stay home if you are unwell, been a close contact or visited an exposure site.
  • Check in using ServicesWA App or the paper register
  • Mask are mandatory
Hello reader
Just a quick message about tomorrow's workshop with Kaye. Please remember the COVID Rules applicable to Craft House (above) which unfortunately includes wearing masks.

It's going to be hot tomorrow and we know that the overhead fans will be problematic when you are laying wool - so we have purchased 2 tower fans to at least move the air around the hall and for you to cool down in front of. Fleur is your host for the day and will be setting up drink dispensers with ice water, and will have a type of electrolyte (staminade or similar) available. May we suggest you bring a neckerchief, face washer or similar to wet and place around your neck. Or use a dab of peppermint, lemon or mint essential oil (or similar) also on the back of your neck. Grab an ice cube and rub that on your neck. Bring 2 masks and rotate them allowing them to dry out in between.

The pace of workshops can be quite hectic but please work at a slower pace - do not over heat yourself. If at anytime you feel too hot sit down near one of the tower fans and rest. If you don't finish the garment by the end of the workshop you are welcome to bring it along at Toss n Tell and work on it after the meeting. Kaye won't able to attend - as she lives hundreds of kilometres away but the committee will be having our regular management meeting and will be happy to assist where we can.

We realise this is not the best option for enjoying such a great workshop but along with COVID the weather is out of our hands so stay as cool as possible, drink lots of water, bring a Gatorade or similar, a cloth for your neck and don't rush.

Having said all of that! Enjoy your workshop you will gain some valuable skills and have a beautiful garment. Bring them along to Toss n Tell so we can see them.

Kind regards
Feltwest Committee

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