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Hello reader
Good morning Feltwest.

It is with great sadness that I write this email as we have decided to cancel all Feltwest activities until mid May. The Corona Virus situation has not left us with many choices and whilst the risk of infection is low the consequence to many of our members is extremely high. I have been told to limited my contact with the general public to protect the health of my husband who is at high risk and high consequence, and I am sure that there are many of us in the same situation.

We did not take this decision lightly and I wish to thank our wise committee for the time and effort that has been put in this year alone. As you can imagine our program co-ordinators have expended many hours of work to produce our calendar of events and workshops so we have pondered this situation carefully. Further to this to ensure that our organisation remains financially sound we are refunding all workshop monies and not issuing credits. We feel it would be unwise to have substantial credit liabilities lingering against our accounts due to the uncertainty of when we can resume full activities. Please be patient as this process may take several days to complete.

As this situation seems to change daily, as a committee, we will be in email contact on a regular basis and will review the situation at the end of April. I am looking at it this way - I now have more time felt! :)

Stay healthy and keep felting. We will keep everyone apprised as information comes to hand.

Soosie Jobson