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Studio Detritus Palimpsest Jewellery with Soosie Jobson

soosie@soosie.com.au 0433 621154

Congratulations you have successfully booked your workshop and we look forward to seeing you. If you have any queries about the content of the workshop please email the tutor for all other inquires please contact the Workshop Co-ordinator feltwest.workshops@gmail.com

Materials List

First rule in Studio Detritus – don’t buy anything! Materials are supplied for this workshop I have a 30+ years stash of treasures. All you need to bring will be your own tools like scissors, needles, notebooks listed below in the Bring Your Tools section, but you are welcome to bring your own little treasures. Either way we will make beautiful earrings, brooches, and necklaces that will tell us stories every time we wear them. You can also bring treasures to share or swap, which will add another layer of upon each others' stories. These are listed under the Optional Treasurers section.

Bring Your Tools

ToolsHair dryer. Hot glue gun. Crochet hook. Finger knitter. All completely optional only bring them if you have them.
Stamps – not the postage kind 😊 I have a stack but if you have some bring em!
Sewing needles for beading, stitching etc.
Pen & notebook
Sharp scissors – small and large
Cutting mat

Optional Treasurers

Handmade, textured, or art paper - anything tactile and beautiful
Findings – I have magnetic brooch clasps for sale at $5
Felt base - fulled felt
Beautiful Threads & suitable needles
Fabric scraps – tiny gems and I mean tiny – we are making jewellery.
Beads – glass, stone, pearls you don’t need many, they don’t all have to be the same or the same size.
String/Cord – this can be paper, leather, hemp, cotton macramé cord, rat tail, stretchy, strips of silk or any fabric or a combo – at least 2 of them 1 metre in length – to make the necklace cord.
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