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It's that time of the year our AGM is around the corner. As we are being told that a new COVID wave is about to hit us this winter we understand if you are hesitant to attend the AGM, but if this is the case, please complete the proxy vote form so we can form a quorum and hold the meeting. Or we will have to hold it again later in the year.

All details are below and on the website under the Members section and include:
  • Previous meeting minutes
  • Agenda
  • Both online and downloadable forms for nomination and proxies
  • Trash & Treasure Table booking
Registration for our Marks Over Time exhibition is now open - please register as soon as possible. This doesn't mean your pieces need to be finished now - it is for administrative purposes for TAFE, as is the deadline for your Artists Statements. Both of these dates are before the AGM - not our choice - so please don't wait until the AGM to renew your membership and submit for the exhibition.

Even if there is another huge wave of COVID the exhibition will go ahead as we have plans in place to mitigate contact. The opening night may be sacrificed if necessary. Fingers crossed it won't.

But on a brighter note we will still be having our annual Trash & Treasure, and importantly a morning tea to honour our Life members and welcome a new Life Member. We ask that you book your free table for Trash & Treasure, and please ensure that your goods are moth free as we had several complaints from last years event. If moths are found in your items we would expect that you would refund any money paid to the purchaser and remove the items from the hall immediately.

Please remember to login and renew first.

We look forward to seeing you.

Annual General Meeting

You must be a financial member of Feltwest to vote at the AGM. This is the only meeting we do NOT allow visitors to attend.

As part of the proceedings for each AGM the minutes of the previous year's are officially confirmed so they may be accessioned into the documentary archive. Here is a copy of last years:

Download here: Previous Annual General Meeting Minutes

Here is the Agenda for this years meeting:

Download here: Agenda


All Committee positions become vacant at the AGM. Financial members are asked to elect members to the Committee of Management in the following positions; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and not less than two other committee members. Members can nominate themselves or any other financial member who agrees to be nominated by completing the appropriate Nomination Form.

The new Associations Incorporation Act 2015 disqualifies certain persons from nominating as members of an Association’s Management Committee. Therefore by signing the nomination form, a nominee accepts the nomination and indicates that they are eligible to act as a member of the Committee of Management if elected. The following persons are disqualified:

1. An undischarged bankrupt or person whose affairs are under insolvency laws
2. A person who has been convicted, within or outside of WA, of:
i. An indictable offence in relation to the promotion, formation or management of a body corporate; or
ii. An offence involving fraud or dishonesty punishable by imprisonment for a period of not less than 3 months and where that person’s conviction or, if sentenced to a term of imprisonment, that person’s release from custody is 5 years ago or less; or
iii. An offence under section 127 The Associations Incorporation Act 2015, which is committed when an Association becomes or is insolvent when a debt is incurred by that Association, and immediately before the debt is incurred there are reasonable grounds to expect the Association is or will thereby become insolvent.

Self Nomination Form

Nomination of Other Members

This can only be done with the written consent of the nominated member as evidenced by their signature. T o that end this process can only be done with a printed form. Please download this form and complete the appropriate section. All completed forms must be received by the close of business the day before the AGM.

Download here: Nominations & Proxy Form


If you are unable to attend the meeting and wish to vote, please complete the Appointment of Proxy form authorising an attending member to vote on your behalf. You may appoint the Chairperson or any other financial member as your proxy but you need to advise that person of your intention to make the appointment. If you wish to provide any directions to the attending member on how to vote on your behalf at the meeting, you should also do that when you contact that member before the AGM.

Proxy Nomination Form

Download here: Nominations & Proxy Form

Please arrange to deliver printed forms via:

1. Email - feltwest.president@gmail.com to be received by the close of business Friday 20th August


2. Post to President of FeltWest Inc, Soosie Jobson, 2 Fisher Street, White Gum Valley WA 6162 to be received by the close of business Friday 19th August


3. Hand them to Chairperson prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting.

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AGM Trash & Treasure Table

One table for Trash & Treasure please.


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AGM Trash & Treasure Table
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