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Hello reader
Firstly thank you all for participating in our first Perth Makers Market. Below are the details for the various teams. I am awaiting a few details from Erin at PMM - it is their practice to send out full instructions one week before the event. Things that still need to be finalised are:
    • Setup & Packdown time - there are windows of time allocated to each stall to all manage traffic at the site
    • Stall location

I haven't received some of your Inventories via email as yet. Please send as soon as possible.

The rest is below. Please read about all of the teams as a contingency - we may need to shuffle around. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. This is the first time that we have participated in this kind of market so I'm sure we will make changes. All of this information is available on the website under Members - Perth Makers Market - Duties, Responsibilities & Roster. Once all details are finalised it will also be available for download in PDF form at the top of the page.

As final times and details become available I will pass them on. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call me. feltwest.markets@gmail.com

That's all for now. See you soon.

Duties, Responsibilities & Roster

Thank you for joining one of the Market Teams. Here are the duties and responsibilities for each Team.

Receive Felt

Team Members: Marion Finneran & Sue Eslick
Receival of inventory will begin after Toss n Tell on May 15th approximately 10:30ish..
Schedule for the day:
9:45am Toss n Tell
10:45am Inventory Acceptance – TnT may be shorter than usual so we shall start acceptance after TnT has finished and the Receival Team is ready. Members may be attaching tags and making last minute checks. We will bring you a cuppa and a piece of cake!
Check each member’s inventory for:
  • Soft plastic container (unless a rigid container is absolutely necessary) – not hard boxes – name & code on container
  • Check for Participants name on the list
  • Check for Printed Inventory form
  • Check each item for FW Tag includes price and code.
  • Check for quality of felt.
  • Ensure the Inventory form goes back into the container
  • Place the soft containers into the Feltwest large plastic tubs.

Setup Stall

Be at Heathcote at ?:??am to setup the stall. There is a designated 15 minute window for us to unload everything from the vehicle, then move the vehicle to the stallholder car park. More details to come.
Team Members: Liz Owens, Soosie Jobson, Claire Russell, Sue Eslick.
  • Erect the Gazebo with walls if required and anchor feet.
  • Add Feltwest Banner
  • Setup table with table cloth
  • Setup the scarf and wrap racks
  • Setup hat stand
  • Unpack and place items for display
  • Setp up Square system
  • Setup wrapping station
  • Hand over

Sales Team

The Sales Team is the first contact point between us and the general public - so it is a very important job! It would be nice if you could wear something felted - a felt name badge would be a great place to start. Wearing some felt gives you a talking point and a way to break the ice with prospective clients. As this is our first market at Heathcote we will need to inform the general public as to who we are, how to follow or join us, and in particular, when we will be back. But people don’t want to be talked at – it is easier to inform a prospective buyer (or member) rather than sell to them. Short simple facts are the key. For example:
  • Who or what is Feltwest? – a membership group of feltmakers
  • What do we do? – meetings, workshops and events promoting felt.
  • What is felt - a handmade process using unspun wool – wet and needle – show them a piece of each – you don’t need too much detail, lovely to wear, tactile, versatile.
  • Where to find us – online - feltwest.org.au hand them a business card, location Alexander Park Craft House
  • How to follow us - com/feltwest on the business card
  • Where to buy – At the Christmas Market but look out on facebook and the web site for other events.
A sale is the final opportunity to reinforce our message with promotional material. Whilst packaging the item ensure there is a business card and flyer in the bag. Enjoy the day talking to people about the craft we all love – enthusiasm and joy are contagious.
Be at the stall at your designated time and stay for your shift. There is a public carpark below Heathcote on the eastern side. The cost is $2. Allow 5-10 minutes to walk from the carpark. Make sure you bring drinking water and be prepared for changing weather.
Team Members: Fleur Riley, Alison Gomes, Sharn Bruere, Jill Jodrell, Sue Espie, Judith Walsh
  • Shifts are 2hrs 15mins to hand over to the next shift.
  • Talk to people about felting and how wonderful it is!
  • Help people to purchase items – answer any questions, help them try things on, talk about the handmade process, generally be friendly but not pushy
  • Wear a name badge –a felt one!
  • Package item and take customer to cashier
  • Replenish stock on displays as direct by Sales Team leader

Packdown Stall

Be at the stall at 3:30pm to pack down the stall
Team Members: Lyn Walske, Sue Mader
  • Take down items
  • Items need to be ticked off to printed inventory form and placed in members container
  • Take down all display items & gazebo

Distribute Unsold Felt

Be at Toss n Tell June 19th to return unsold items to Members.
Team Members: Cynda Empsall, Vimol Imsanguan
When the member comes to collect their unsold items
  • Check off the items to the printed inventory form with the Member.
  • Return to member.

Teams Roster

Cashier: Claire Russell 0421 577 026
Sales Team Leader: Liz Owens 0402 357 632
Market Co-ordinator: Soosie Jobson 0433 216 154

TnT May 15th

Receive Items
Marion Finneran
Sue Eslick

0498 031 063
0401 037 973
Heathcote May 23rd
Liz Owens
Soosie Jobson
Claire Russell
Sue Eslick
0402 357 632
0433 216 154
0421 577 026
0401 037 973
Heathcote May 23rd
Fleur Riley
Sue Espie

0438 000 061
0402 400 463
Heathcote May 23rd
Alison Gomes
Jill Jodrell

0424 083 679
0419 903 394
Heathcote May 23rd
Sharn Bruere
Judith Walsh

0405 729 379
0458 942 690
Heathcote May 23rd
Lyn Walske
Sue Mader
Liz Owens
Soosie Jobson
Claire Russell

0438 023 863
0419 278 352
TnT June 19th

Distribution Unsold Items
Cynda Empsall
Vimol Imsanguan

0401 628 934
0430 715 432
Feel free to forward this eNews to any like minded people who might like the opportunity to meet felters, learn and share new skills and generally do all things felty.
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