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One week till your Workshop - have you got your materials together?

Magical Slipper Making with Sharn Bruere

Congratulations you have successfully booked your workshop and we look forward to seeing you. If you have any queries about the content of the workshop please email the tutor for all other inquires please contact the Workshop Co-ordinator feltwest.workshops@gmail.com

Materials List

240 grams of Wool – more or less is ok. Minimum 200gms.
Note: Slippers do not need superfine merino wool and laying out can be thicker. This is a chance to use that higher micron or ‘scratchy’ wool you have in your stash that you wouldn’t use for a scarf or the ‘older’ already starting to felt no-longer-easy-to-use-for-nuno-felting wool. However, make sure the wool IS NOT superwash and can be felted. If possible making a swatch with the wool you plan on using before you get to the workshop is useful. We will then know how much it felts down and can take this into account when making the resists.
I personally use:
A higher micron ‘core wool’ (This will be made available for purchase at the workshop – highly recommend using my core wool as I know how much it felts down and can advise accordingly)
A wool in your choice for the insole and wool and other embellishments/decoration (e.g. silk, viscose, yarn etc) on top. I would suggest going with a colour way and bring whatever you have on hand that ‘goes’ together.

Bubble wrap
Preferably reused from packaging in the standard bubble size.
The size of the bubble wrap sheet needed for slipper making:
Width: wide enough to place the resists you make side by side vertically with room between the resists and at the sides. 0.5m or over would be sufficient
Length: long enough in height to fold back down over both resists or a little over double the resist length. 1m or over would be sufficient.

□ Preferred Liquid soap & bar of soap
□ Plastic gloves
□ Material for resist – available at workshop
□ Old towels – at least 3. Required for rolling and mopping up water
□ Table raisers (if you have them)
□ Plastic sheet/tablecloth
□ Bucket
□ A set of kitchen or other scales
□ Sharp scissors
□ Ties - for tying bundle to roll
□ Ruler


Great extras if you have them on hand, but you can get away without having them.
  • Bamboo blind for rolling
  • Rubber mat or Washboard for fulling and shaping
  • Shoe lasts – if you don’t have these your feet will work just as well and I will bring my lasts along on the day also.
  • Shoe horn
  • Felting tools – e.g. hammer for shaping
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